ECSA 2005 Schedule

The Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association just posted the 2005 schedule of races. Link to: Schedule

IRC : On Long Island Sound

IRC - A New Handicap Rating Rule in the U.S. The IRC is a "measurement" rather that a "performance" rule, based exclusively on rig, hull, and sail measurements. The algorithm used to produce a boat?s rating is secret, so as to discourage naval architects from designing to a perceived weakness in the rule. Read more about the: IRC

Dan Cianci

Dan Cianci, Hooligan's perennial bowman was lost last weekend during a yacht delivery. IN MEMORIAM The sailing community lost a dear friend on Saturday when Dan Cianci (known to everyone as “C”), was apparently swept overboard while delivering a sailboat off Cape May, New Jersey. His body was recovered by a Coast Guard helicopter team and taken to Atlantic City. C was the ultimate sailor, with a special penchant for doing the bow. No matter how messy it was, he could always figure it out. He was inevitably cheerful and optimistic, and often was the group’s cheerleader. He learned about getting along with his shipmates in a 9 year career on submarines, and passed that knowledge (and some great stories) onto all of us.

Fall Off Soundings 2004

09/10-11/04 Fall Off Soundings and the remnants of Ivan presented interesting challenges for the participants. Friday's start had westerly wind of 12 knots. With the threat of a cold front coming through the course featured one mark, N. This made for an interesting tactical decision. Do you go through the gut or through the race?

Link to Full Report

Off Soundings Website

The 2004 Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta

Dear Friends and Family of sailing vessel SeTherin, On July 24th, the crew of SeTherin joined local sailors at the Mystic Shipyard for The 2004 Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta. I like to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you that contributed in our effort to raise money benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Below is a list of contributors, which unfortunately does not include the collection efforts of Dave Constanzo amounting to $255. Our total contribution this year came to $1015. This is the first year we exceeded $1000. Stay tuned for the race report. Again thanks to all.

Supporting Crew Joel H. Mayne, II Donna J. Magner Michael A. Frakes Jerrie L. Colvin Robert W. Dziezynski Millie Magner Edward G. Phillips Alex Markwell Kim Wishart Gail Davenport George T. Carlson Patrica A. Lohan Wendy Lord Tim Fellman David S. Miller David J. Rutty

Sailing Crew Bob Fagan Dave Costanza Seth Magner Rich Magner

Total $1,015