Dan Cianci

Dan Cianci, Hooligan's perennial bowman was lost last weekend during a yacht delivery. IN MEMORIAM The sailing community lost a dear friend on Saturday when Dan Cianci (known to everyone as “C”), was apparently swept overboard while delivering a sailboat off Cape May, New Jersey. His body was recovered by a Coast Guard helicopter team and taken to Atlantic City. C was the ultimate sailor, with a special penchant for doing the bow. No matter how messy it was, he could always figure it out. He was inevitably cheerful and optimistic, and often was the group’s cheerleader. He learned about getting along with his shipmates in a 9 year career on submarines, and passed that knowledge (and some great stories) onto all of us.

If the boat needed to be delivered, C was there. He organized everything from the food to the Mount Gay, whether we were doing races local or far away. An excellent seaman inshore and offshore, he had sailed more miles than virtually anyone I know, and always enjoyed every minute. He lived in Fall River, Mass., and was a fixture on many of the waterfronts in the Northeast and beyond. If you have many sailing miles under your keel, you will have seen him somewhere. C was family to his crew and to their own families in the best sense of the word. He loved skiing, his garden, his Harley Sportster, and cooking for his friends almost as much as his sailing. We will miss his laugh, his generosity, and his friendship dearly. - Len Hubbard

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