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Donzo WNR - 09/07/16

Wind: E 6.5 to 14, average 10.5 kts
Temp: 75 F, Baro: 29.94”
Current: ebb North Hill 15:30
Course: s/f-R-s/f; Race Length: 4.0 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW


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Fishers Island - 09/03/16

60th Annual 'Round the Island Race
Wind: NW at 4 to 12, g 14, average 8.5 kts
Temp: 73 F, Baro: 30.20”
Current: Flooding, ebb Race Point 13:13
Course: clockwise; Race Length: 14.5 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Daphne, & RW

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Elapsed time: 3:31:06

Modified E/T

Modified C/T


Pos. change









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Donzo WNR - 08/31/16

Wind: NW at 6 to 11, average 8 kts
Temp: 76 F, Baro: 29.88”
Current: flood North Hill 17:40
Course: sf-N-s/f*2; Race Length: 6.1 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan, & RW


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Ram Island - 08/28/16

Wind: SE & "variable" at 0 to 8, average 3.5 kts
Temp: 80 F, Baro: 30.28 to 30.22”
Current: ebb North Hill 08:00, RP 08:25; Flood Napatree 14:20
Course #2, CCW; Race Length: 10 nm
Shortened at Lords
Crew: Brian, Adam, Seth, & RW


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Donzo WNR - 08/24/16

Wind: NW at 5 to 12, average 8 kts
Temp: 75 F, Baro: 30.18”
Current: ebb North Hill 16:20
Course: sf-N-s/f*2; Race Length: 5.4 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan, & RW

In the pre-start looking upwind to the left was an area of calm east of West Clump, while there appeared to be more breeze on the right. So with the anticipated current lift we chose the right.

We ended up down the line at the start just windward of Liquid Foundation, tacked to port and ducked a few transoms.  Nearly the whole class followed suit shortly thereafter, except maybe Merganser.
The wind was fairly light, and we were the only one to continue short of the layline. The rest of the class tacked over towards North Dumpling with a number of tacks up to North Hill. Merganser made out big favoring the east side of the course and was second to round behind Zallee.

After the round we took a jibe to port in an effort to stay up current of the rhumbline.  On the way downwind, there appeared to be more wind to the east so we chose the starboard gate. On this second upwind our TWS average was 8.5 versus 6 on the first to the west.  We also chose to go east & south of the Hammock for current relief & possibly more wind, even though it meant overstanding North Hill.

So the big question is: was there more wind all along on the eastside of the Dumplings?

Art Shaw, (Redline) went east of the Dumplings on both upwind legs which paid off big time with a ninth in fleet and the class win.  I have a suspicion the fleet top 10 took the left upwind also.
After the initial dying sea breeze on the first leg, the gradient filled in from the south and held, making for a pleasant second lap of the course.

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