2005 Mystic Leukemia Cup

Dear Friends and Family of sailing vessel SeTherin, I like to express my appreciation to all of you that contributed in our effort to raise money benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Unfortunately, I experienced a crew shortage this past week and we were unable to compete ourselves. I found SeTherin still in need of crew ten days prior to the event. That and a business trip to Denver early in the week of July 17th forced my decision not to race. I did attend the Friday evening event at Mystic Shipyard and saw to it that all of you got credit for your donations. Retrospectively, had I not been so focused on the spinnaker division, I believe Brian & I could have done the Cruising Canvas class. It was a situation where I ran short of time & ideas.

Yet, again thanks to all for your contributions to good cause just the same.

Supporting Crew: Richard Beebe Mike Foreman John Kelly Betty Mack Johnston Patricia Lohan Wendy Lord Millie Magner Richard & Donna Magner Joel Maine Alex Markwell Jim Michaud Ferenc Osvald Edward G. Phillips

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