Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds:  ESE @ 2.5 kts, peak 4.5, low .7 kts
Weather:  Clear, Temp 71 F; Baro 29.85
Current: ebb - flood to begin at 1831 Ram Island, 1856 North Hill
Start time: 1835, slight ebb to slack in stating area
Start/Finish: offshore of GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–DM–s/f; Distance: 110 at  .75 nm, one lap, 1.5 total
Shrouds: Base

After a half hour delay, our start gun fired at 1835. I chose for to favor wind over current, as there was a very promising patch of wind between the GLP buoys, with the optimistic thought- it might fill in from that direction and in spite of port tack being heavily favored and a slight current to shove us towards the mark.  So we continued to Groton Point for a series of tacks between to GLP buoys, which worked relatively well. 
Lesson: Start on the favored tack & go with the current.

After clearing GLP R”22”, we made our second and fatal mistake, tacking again to starboard, abeam the current where it was ripping for a fickle wind band. This set us backwards significantly.  And had we not done this, may have pulled out a finish.
Lesson: Don't tack abeam to current unless forced to.

After dillydallying for another forty-five minutes, we finally threw in the towel and withdrew ove the radio. Had we hung in another five to ten minutes, we would have got a finish from the RC and received 6 points (sixth place) rather than the 10 points for a DNF. There are only three races remaining. If with the wind holds for all & we do reasonably well, this can be one of our throw-outs. 
Lesson: Patience!

Breaking-Wind had their best race of the season staying offshore. Draggin-Z actually won. They had strayed too far east of the starting area & took a RAF, for having their motor running after the five-minute warning.  

Link to chart

Addendum: Now that the results are published, it appears our choice of GLP may have been correct. noting how well the Class Two boats "Ursa Minor"  & "Looney Tunes" faired going in there. Had we not tacked back in after passing GLP R"22" ???