Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Current: ebb - North Hill 1330
Winds: SW 6 to 12 kts, backing SSW
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- V -s/f, *2, Distance: 6.15 nm
Shrouds: @ base 

Arriving at the starting area somewhat behind the 8-ball (as it was 1735 when we left the dock) we noticed a longer than usual line. Approaching the pin, we began to stow the outboard at the 5-minute gun, sailed down past the RC.  Tacking back for the start, Brian noticed the port genoa sheet was not reeved through the car, so we took another hitch out while it was corrected.   We would have had a much better start, had I continued as Bob held the sail while Brian fixed the sheet.  Crossing at the committee boat about fifteen seconds late, MiniMaxi, then Watercolors tacked to port.  We pinched up forced Sans Souci to tack, then followed suit well above their quarter.  
Cosmic cleared above as the four of us sailed into the Horseshoe's lee then tacked out and flopped to port all the way to the layline  Rounding Vixen on San Souci's stern, we could not overtake them on the long starboard jibe to the pin. A good leeward douse and jibe around the leeward found us still on their stern. Finally, halfway down the beat, I decided to tack farther offshore.  If we had only done so sooner!*  Back on the favored port tack, we found more wind, and approached layline ahead of San Souci, yet I had duck Looney Tunes (Class 4) lying between us.  So we trailed San Souci around the windward mark again and chased them all the way to the finish, crossing ahead of Noo Problem, Tumult and correcting over Cosmic for 5th. 

  • I've noticed this season, with southwest winds of only 10 knots or so, it would have paid to sail farther offshore of Horseshoe for better wind rather than be overly concerned about current.
  • As late in the ebb as it was, we should have been more concerned about wind than current.

There were times when the rig was too powerful (where the shrouds should have been +2,+4 & +2)

5th place
Link to chart