Crew: (Patrick), Bob & RW
Current: flood - 1540 North Hill
Wind: SW (204 avg) 6 – 13, avg 9 kts
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f-North Hill-s/f
Distance: 3.4 nm
Shrouds: @base

It was just Bob & I leaving the dock Wednesday evening as Brian was on the west coast again on business and Seth & Megan were on the Jersey shore. During the pre-start, there were a number of remarks about our being short handed.  Bill Litke (Tumult) offered to help and we pulled alongside for Patrick to jump aboard.

We had a reasonably good start and went left for the current shot through the Dumplings. Shortly after the start still on starboard we noticed Watercolors had (Bill) someone on the swim ladder briefly clearing the rudder.  Approaching the Dumplings the wind picked up 10 to 12 and we were glad to have Patrick aboard.  Though on the tack for the long port through the channel we almost lost him off the leeside under the genoa; he quickly recovered though and hopped up to the windward rail.

We rounded North Hill with Bob setting the pole, and Patrick eased out the spinnaker as Bob hoisted for a great set.  This was good example of a situation where pre-cleating the spinnaker sheet at the optimum bear-away position worked perfectly, giving Bob plenty of time to return to the cockpit to pickup the trimming duty, while Patrick moved to the foredeck. We did two jibes down the run with Patrick on the pole doing a superb job considering he had never been on the boat previously. We picked up a bit by tucking in towards the current lee of North Dumpling.  Halfway down the run I was getting some feed back off the rudder yet we had no one free to clear it, so just had to live with it.  Nearing the finish, the wind began to lighten though now of no concern.

Thanks to Patrick and Bill for the help, as Bob & I would surely have struggled, had not Patrick been aboard to assist.
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