Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Current: ebb – 1458 North Hill
Wind: east at 8 kts (4 to 13)
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f-M-V-s/f ; Distance: 5.3 nm
Shrouds: @base

The day was a dreary one, raining till mid-afternoon when I drove down to the boat to accomplish some minor maintenance prior to the race & deciding not to scrub the bottom as I had done so twice last week (Wed & Fri).  The RC set a nice course from offshore of the “X” starting area to the Mystic River C1, downwind to Vixen with windward return to the s/f.

I screwed the start!  In the pre-start, we had run the line & established a good range beyond the pin ashore.  Yet with the strong ebb, over concerned about getting to the line too early, I began our dash to the committee boat too late, got squeezed out by Watercolors and forced into a 360 and crossed nearly a minute late.

Upon clearing the line, we tacked to port and offshore for the current to push towards the Mystic River where our windward mark lay.  Though this was a good move, I underestimated the current and well overstood the mark for our second major mistake. Following our tack to starboard, we continued to bear off to a reach by the time we arrived “M”.  We had a good set, though last in class rounding the mark.

We favored the shore for current reduction and gained some; especially on San Souci and Tumult.  Watercolors took a more direct shot to GPL 22 which seemed to work well for them.  So maybe “M” (C1) is far enough ashore, especially compared to “R” (R20), that one needs not veer shoreward as much?  Jibing around GPL 22, put us on San Souci’s butt as we began the duck-in between the Groton Long Point Nuns. Hercules came up from behind freshened up and passed both of us easily to windward, then jibed back out to clear GPL 24. I tried the same but SS countered each move with feint of taking us all the way to beach, so I backed off; settling for a 1.7 mile run in his lee, past GPL 24, HR 26 (in 4 To 6 kts air), to finally creep past short of Vixen.  

A good douse and tight rounding got us to windward of SS.  Subsequently, three well executed tacks on headers took us across the line 46 seconds ahead of SS and 44 seconds behind Tumult for a 5th place. 

Link to chart