Crew; Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Current: ebb - North Hill 1637
Winds: SW 210 at 10 to 15 kts, 12 avg
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- N -s/f, Distance: 3.2 nm
Shrouds: base +1, +2,+1 

Arriving at starting area in plenty of time for evaluation of the wind and current, we found the RC had already posted a one-lap course to North Hill. There appeared to more wind in the top half of the course, and after a few tacks we found the wind favored starboard, yet the current (abeam the rhumbline) set us down twenty-degrees; where on port, our course over the ground (COG) and compass matched, with an occasional lift from the current. So we chose to go right at first opportunity following the start.

As we wished to go right, I chose to start at the committee boat. As the windward boat, we were in a possible barging conflict, and there was some rhetoric off Watercolors to that effect. Yet, I felt they would be set down from the RC by the current, leaving us with plenty of room, as proved to be the case. We crossed right on the stern of the Eddie Maxwell (ears ringing from the shotgun), Watercolors safely to leeward, Jolly Mon to WC's lee and Noo Problem trailing us across the line.  Too close to tack, we had to pinch Noo Problem over to port, before implementing our strategy.   Cosmic had been the first to tack, though must have done so for clear air, as they shortly flipped back to cover the fleet (Watercolors, Jolly Mon, MiniMaxi & Tumult) continuing out on starboard, leaving us & Noo Problem alone on the right.
Noo Problem tacked first but we held on till Sea Flower, tacked & passed on the NE side.  Ideally, I'd like to have carried port a bit farther, but Sea Flower was in the way. To clear Sea Flower would have overstood us significantly. For the longest time, it appeared we might weather the North Hill bouy. A quarter of the way up on starboard Cosmic came back, tacked to our lee and slowly slowly crept ahead. Below the layline though they had to tack and duck us. A half-dozen boat lengths short of the mark, I chickened out for a short port to clear before rounding.  MiniMaxi, Watercolors, Noo Problem, & Tumult returned thru the Dumplings. 

Upon rounding, our intention to jibe at first opportunity was delayed due to close quarters to port with overtaking Gnat & Cosmic. Soon as we had the room, a hard jibe crossed Cosmic's stern.  Cosmic soon followed and after a couple of minutes hardened up to cross our stern to windward allowing them to slowly overtake us on a fresh run to the finish five seconds ahead.

We corrected to 1st, our first of the season, 11th in fleet and Seth's 30th birthday present.

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