Crew – Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Current: ebb – North Hill 1620
Winds: SW 250 @ 6 to 8 kts at start, shifted to 200 @ 8 to 11 kts offshore.
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- DM -s/f, 250 degrees at 1nm; Distance: 3.0 nm
Shrouds: Base - no change

The forecast was for 5 to 10 kts of wind.  With a well developed ebb, we opted for the common strategy of a port tack along the shore to the west for current relief, and felt assured following a handful of wind-checks verifying a 250 degree direction. We had a good start right at the committee boat, and tacked at first opportunity for clear air above Jolly Mon’s stern.  Shortly thereafter Watercolors followed suit, while the rest of the class continued offshore on starboard.  Whether it was by luck or design, their choice was the hot ticket. Obviously, the remaining classes benefited by the example. As we weathered Horseshoe, Watercolors rolled by us to windward and gained exceptional height compared to Jolly Mon (a good distance ahead) and ourselves.

At Horseshoe, when it became evident that those paralleling us offshore were doing much better, we should have tacked out to salvage a bit of the race. At the time I thought it was just due to wind, yet soon came to understand that not only was there better pressure offshore, but that those on starboard were being lifted to the mark.  Yet, like a stubborn mule, I hung in along the shore far too long. A long starboard took us out to nearly the port layline, after which a short port positioned us on the layline for a quick rounding and smooth bearaway. 

On the run downwind, we chose to sail deeper than most and gained some, as most of the fleet was high.  By sailing deep we avoided a port jibe back against the current to the pin. 

At the leeward mark, we hardened up on a long port to nearly fetch the finish line at the top on the course.  Guess this was the check we deserved following our 2nd place finish last week. This may have been Jolly Mon’s first ever last place as we corrected over them for 7th. We need to get better at taking note of wind at a distance.

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