Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Current: flood - North Hill 1751
Winds: SW 205 at 8 to 12 kts
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- N -s/f , Distance: 3.4 nm 
Shrouds: base +2, +4, +1.5

Under a partial overcast and a threatening sky to the west, we motored out in the nascent flood to the GLP starting area, with plenty of time to access conditions.  Our strategy upwind was to start at the committee boat for clear air and continue out on starboard, then port through the Dumplings with the current.

We were 20 seconds late for the line, yet hardened up right on the committee boat's stern as the most windward boat. With a short tack to port for clear air (due to leebow start traffic) we stuck to our plans.  Interestingly, in mid-channel Jolly Mon & Tumult swapped to an extended port with the current, to pass west of the islands for a starboard approach to North Hill. The remainder of our fleet sailed a route similar to our own, though Water Colors, MiniMaxi and Noo Problem extended farther so their port tack coursed along the southern edge of the channel. Cosmic and SeTherin sailed mid-channel through the islands, with the thought of stronger current there.  The downside meant for a longer and harder to call layline. We tacked right on 90 degrees to the mark; still overstood a bit though in the favorable flood.

Following a bearway set, we jibed at first opportunity. A return along the west side of the islands was best, as it was the most direct route. Equally important, North Dumpling serves as a buttress against the current.  For some unknown reason, the remainder of our class and nearly the whole fleet with the exception of the J22/J24 class, chose the Dumplings route bucking the current, a benefit for us. After a short time on port we jibed to run in on the west shore of North Dumpling for current relief. Two-thirds down the run with a thunderstorm approaching from the west in the accompaniment of lightening and thunder, the race committee announced they would call the race at one lap.

Overall, we felt pretty good about our performance. Our elapsed time was 51 minutes, 8 seconds, which should correct us to second place, if not first.    

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