Crew: Brian, Seth, & RW
Current: ebb - North Hill 1808
Winds: SW 250 at 8 to 11 kts
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- DM -s/f * 2, Distance: 4.0 nm
Shrouds: base +1, +2, +1

An early ebb was evident on the motor out to the start area due to the strong southwester I imagine.

We were off the line with a decent start and continued out a good distance feeling the wind better offshore, and with the thought of avoiding a possible stronger (new) nearer shore. We tacked to port and crossed north of Seaflower.  Short of what we thought was the layline, Watercolors crossed us a half-boat length ahead.  Looking back on it we should have tacked a moment or two later as I believe they may have been on the layline.

At any rate, we seriously overstood in fear of set-down by the current.

We rounded in a good set right on top of Cosmic (with a bad set. They hoisted a clew along with the head.).  After a couple minutes we jibed to port the remainder of the run.

I called our windward douse late, so we had a bit of a mess in the cockpit for a minute or so, though don't think it hurt us much.  After a couple of minutes we tacked to starboard and held much farther than the first lap.  The wind dropped some as we Passing south of Seaflower on port made for a shorter layline. This time we were forced to overstand to avoid being blanketed by the larger boats converging on the mark.

We rounded in a good set and continued a somewhat farther this time before jibing to port for the finish.

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