Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Current: ebb - Ram Island 1755
Winds: SW 250 at 8 to 11 kts
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f- B(Black Ledge) -s/f, Distance: 4.45 nm

Not till late in the afternoon a little past four did the wind shift out of the north and northwest to west.  As we motored out it had shifted slightly SW at around 10 knots.

Contrary to Eldridge, the ebb was a half-hour early as we passed Groton Long Point on the way out.

Sailing along the line three or four minutes prior to the start gun I tried to get a good line range on Fishers Island yet could not visualize a discernable landmark. About mid-line with about a minute to go leading the pack towards the pin, concerned about crossing I fell off to far and could not clear the pin in the strong ebb, so flopped to port and one by one ducked the whole class as they were too close to tack back for a clear lane.
Our normal strategy for these conditions: ebb & westerly windward mark (Vixen, Black Ledge or drop mark) would be to cross the line near the committee boat and tack at first opportunity to initially sail on port in the current lee of Horseshoe Reef. Yet subsequent all the ducks, we ended up doing that regardless, though now in deficit. Tacking around Horseshoe, we trailed Jolly Mon all the way to Pine Island.

Upon watching Jolly Mon's track towards the mark following her tack to starboard, we decided to stand on a bit longer in the company of Ghetto (J22) and Noo Problem and overstood somewhat as a result. 

Once on starboard, we reached the windward mark in short order to round in a good bearaway set for the return down current.  I elected to stay higher than most & to windward of the overtaking larger boats. Following a jibe past Seaflower, we had a relatively fresh reach to the finish.

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After Hours Strategy €“ things which may have helped improve our performance, which usually strive to but are not doing maybe becasue of rust.
We need to get to the start line in time to a range a landmark at both ends
We need a bearing to the windward mark
Then head to wind to determine:
            - favored tack relative to start line
            - relative to rhumbline
            - therefore the long tack to the mark.
Which end of the line is the closer to the windward mark and favors a course with less adverse current?Then we overstood down at Pine Island.