Date: 07/31/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 4.0 Weather: SW 10-12 Current: ebb 1636 at Ram
Course: s/f-D/M-s/f -2(p) Crew: Brian, Bob, Tracy & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Summer Series - Race 4


The hardy crew of SeTherin enjoyed another Wednesday Night escapade yesterday. It must be vacation time as only five boats showed up for our class, and only 52 in the fleet. With the R/C calling winds 10 to 12 at 255 degrees, another course to the Drop/Mark beyond Sea Flower was set for two laps, 4 nm. Our start went as planned, crossing with reasonable speed on the horn; we then bailed on to port at the first opportunity for Horseshoe Reef and current relief.


It was evident, that this strategy paid off as we tacked back out on starboard to clear Horseshoe and converged with Sassy Lassie forcing them to tack. This is one of the few times we have crossed paths with Sassy Lassie this late in the game. After forcing their tack, we made our first mistake, which had multiple consequences.

1- We should have continued out with Sassy Lassie covering her. 2- I should have remembered that with the ebb we get a push to the south coming out of the down current side of Horseshoe. 3- We failed to realize we were on a significant lifted tack for D/M.  We probably did Sassy Lassie a favor forcing their tack. 4- There was significant current on our nose as we passed Horseshoe. Tacking port to sail west of Horseshoe then towards shore is worthwhile only if our goal were Vixen or Black Ledge.  The wind went light and headed us. Realizing (finally) the dying wind was local in nature; we tacked out for the mark and laid it with one more series of tacks.  


Rounding the mark in good shape, there was a short delay on the set due to an entanglement in the bag of the spinnaker halyard with the sheets, which Bob quickly sorted out. We will use the old spinnaker bag until I get the new one modified accordingly.  Shortly after the rounding and bearaway set, we held our own and possibly gained some. Swinging the main across for our long jibe on port, Tracy had thoughts of swimming, though stayed with the boat after some friendly persuasion from Bob. Sensing the next downwind leg would favor a jibe-set; we opted for a leeward douse at the mark.  The douse and rounding were excellent. This time we tacked out with favorable current east of Horseshoe and made the windward mark with only three tacks versus the six on the first windward leg. The first windward leg consumed 33 minutes, yet only 21 minutes for the second. With a jibe-set at the mark, we had a great run to the finish gaining slightly on Sanibel, Sassy Lassie and Gael Force ahead.  Thanks go to Brian for the excellent work on the foredeck and to Bob & Tracy for all the mid-ship tasks.


A Drop/Mark course against the ebb (where the windward leg is against the current), it is very difficult for us to place well.  On a typical windward/leeward course, the distance covered in the upwind portion will be approximately 141% of the rhumb line between the marks, whereas the maximum of downwind leg rarely exceeds 110% of the rhumb distance.  As everyone is aware, the current has a greater impact on our boat speed percentage wise than our competition. The deficit to windward cannot be overcome. Reverse the current situation for entirely different outcome. It would have taken a four minute and 43 second faster elapsed time to put into second place.


Boat     Type    Skipper            PHRF  E Time C Time Class    Fleet    


1-Sanibel-Wanderer30                         Keeler, 199      72.85   63.22  


2-SassyLassie-Newport28                   Burnham,162    72.20   65.91  


3-SeTherin-Catalina22             Magner, 273    88.15   69.62  


4-GaeForce-C&C24               Harren, 218      83.25   70.46  


5-BlueLite-Cal25                                 Giulini,225        100.07 83.93