Wind: 110 at 10 to 12 gust 14. 
Current: Flood North Hill 16:58
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: s/f-DM-LMK DM-s/f; 1nm at 110
Race Length: 4.0 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

We had a decent start mid line, trailing Cosmic & Zallee towards the current lee of GLP  with the typical ducks between the GLP buoys. We overstood to the east for our tack offshore.  Nearly abeam the windward mark on port the genoa sheet let go and we lost headway to manage, so had to fall off on starboard for bit to gain speed, the back to port and for the starboard rounding with a satisfactory set.  I steered too high on the downwind, requiring an unnecessary jibe setting us up for a poor douse, which took a few moments to sort out.  

Back upwind, the rig was a bit too soft for the windy conditions, making it difficult to point properly. Approaching GLP 24, we were forced to tack requiring an extra tack between the buoys.  Brian called the tack offshore for the windward mark perfectly for another satisfactory set on the rounding, with Dan doing a good job on the spinnaker (on both downwinds).

Rounded off to the nearest minute, both downwinds were 8 minutes each, and the first upwind 20 minutes & the second 18 minutes. The two minute delta due mostly to the first windward mark issue would probably be even greater had our leeward mark rounding been smoother.

Four seconds faster ET would have beat Jolly Mon (they must have had issues also)

Three minutes, 31 seconds faster would have put us in 2nd place (a possibility).
Catching Cosmic, I don’t think so... J

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