Wind: 155 at 6 to 10, avg 8 kts, backing to 120
Current: ebb North Hill 14:55
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: s/f-IR-s/f*2; 1.1 nm at 175 
Race Length: 4.4 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

Ten seconds late to the line, we tacked to port (as planned) soon as we were clear, as did Cosmic & Watercolors shortly thereafter.  We continued short of North Dumpling, and should have tacked sooner as both the current & air became fluky.  Our next tack on port towards the starboard layline was too soon, making layline too far out to accurately call.

After an additional tack to clear the mark, we had a good set, a good downwind with a reasonable douse & rounding. 

 I tacked to starboard to gain distance for clear air back out to the windward mark, but went way too far, not considering how much the wind had backed, making for a disastrous overstand on port.  We approached the mark, painfully bearing off to a broad-broad reach, headed into the current.  After what seemed ages, we finally rounded for a decent set and a nice reach in the backed wind to the finish.

-There appeared to be more wind in the upper 2/3’s of the course & less west of the rhumbline.  
-Boats on the the first beat that continued on starboard for a while at the start appeared to have benefited from fresher wind farther east.


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