Wind: WSW at 6 to 12 kts, average 270 at 8.5 kts; Temp: 77 F, Baro: 29.81 to 29.83
Current: Flood North Hill 17:20
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: sf-DM-M-DM/f; Race Length: 5.6 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

We had a reasonable start trailing Cosmic and leading Jolly Mon off the line. After a short while Jolly Mon bailed out to the right, while we followed Cosmic out on starboard for the current lift and the subsequent push on port to round a short distance behind Cosmic and Jolly Mon at the windward mark.

After the rounding we sailed in the current lee of Seaflower, prior to a short jibe to port which we should have continued, and shortly followed up on to sail for current relief along Groton Long Point.  

We had a smooth douse & rounding of the leeward mark, then tacked offshore for the current at first opportunity.  The RC shortened the race to finish at the windward mark, and we chose to go south of Seaflower with the thought of better wind and current.

Jolly Mon corrected over us by 25 seconds.  There were three possibilities of remedying that: 1- the delayed spinnaker set; 2- the port bare-off for Blind Monkeys at 1908, only to have them tack at the last moment to port also; 3- tacking to starboard at about 1907 to deeper water may have taken us into a swifter current.

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