Wind: SW at 6 kts, Temp: 86 - 82 F, Baro: 29.91
Current: Flood North Hill 16:30
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X” 
Course: s/f-DM-s/f*2, 1.0nm  at 225; Race Length: 4 nm
Crew: Brian, Braedon Hansen, Dan & RW

We crossed the line about thirty seconds late, due to my tardy turn onto Avara’s hip.  Our strategy was to favor the east side of the course for current lift & what appeared to be better pressure.  At eight minutes into the race we took port for clear air then returned to the favored starboard.  After the set we sailed slightly above the rhumbline to the leeward mark, where we got rolled by Second Chance on the inside.  Back upwind, we bailed onto starboard at first opportunity, and were able to maintain clear air out the channel for the long port shove, to catch and round inside of Sans Souci at the mark. 

After a minute or so of sailing alongside her port, I decided to split and crossed her stern for a fresher course, similar to the first downwind.  In addition to the fresher angle, concerned about a dying wind our rationale was to remain up current near the finish.  We opted for the fresher angle at the top of the course, while Sans Souci did just the opposite and sailed a more direct course to benefit from a fresher angle nearing the finish and pulled ahead.  

In retrospect, we should have considered one of two alternatives, covering alongside her port, or jibing to a short port to get out of the current of the channel, then jibing back for a fresh long jibe to the finish (and maybe should have done likewise on the first downwind also). 

It was nice to have 12 year old Braedon Hansen along for this evening’s race. Hopefully, he will be back occasionally.

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