Wind: WSW at 12 to 6 kts, Temp: 79 - 77 F, Baro: 29.67 to 29.72
Current: Ebb North Hill 15:45
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: s/f-DM-s/f*2 1/2, Race Length: 5.1 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

 I had gone down to Noank early so as to get some work done and wipe down the bottom, prior going out with Dan Lettiere and George Bryes for shake down sail of Dan’s Nonsuch 30, Summer Love.   The winds had been gusting into the high teens all afternoon, then into the twenties as race time approached.  

On the motor out we prepared for ‘high-teens’ choosing the #1 heavy genoa & reeving the 1st reef line, and set the rig at 14.   And as so often just as the time for the gun neared the winds backed off. 

Two hours into the ebb, the current was screaming, with the assistance of a 1st quarter moon & the strong westerly.  For once we were prepared, and had a good start and led off the line at the gun.  The RC finally got some good shells.  After a short hitch offshore, we tacked to for a long port and wished we had the #1 light instead, and decided to remedy that on the downwind.  On the first upwind, as we tacked to port to avoid Seaflower, the starboard sheet unattached from the clew, so in a short & quick tack-back we addressed the problem and continued back to port. Both sets were bearaways shortly followed by a jibe to port for the full run.  

I don’t think there was much we could have done to improve upon our third place finish, in the lumpy seas & fowl current on both upwind tacks. 

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