Wind: SE at 6 to 3 kts, Temp: 62 F, Baro: 30.14
Current: 65 minutes of flood remaining at start. Flood North Hill 19:05
Start: Offshore of “X”
Course: s/f-IR-s/f-IR(f), shortened at 3 legs, Race Length: 2.33 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Josh & RW

The start was delayed ten minutes due to a backing windshift, moving the windward mark from ‘W’ in West Harbor to Intrepid.    We had a good start about a third of the way down the line, then tacked at first opportunity to a long port for offshore. Rounding Intrepid, we worked our way towards the Connecticut shore in a series of jibes to round the leeward mark. 

After hardening up on a short port to check heading & COG, we tacked for a long board along Groton Long Point as the wind began to wither in a building flood.  Sailing between the GLP Nuns 24 & 22, we made trees on Jolly Mon on a parallel course farther offshore, yet lost gauge.  Though I believe we would have fared far worse had we been farther offshore in greater current.   A glance at the chart of our port tack for offshore illustrates how strong the current was relative to our boatspeed & TWS. 

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