Wind: SW (210) at 11.1 avg
Baro 29.89"; Temp 73 to 72 F
Current: ebbing; flood 1940 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-DM-s/f *2
Race Length: 4.8 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW

We had a very good port start from near the pin, comfortably crossing the whole class (starting from the RC on starboard).  Both sets at the windward mark were on the money, as was the douse and rounding of the leeward mark.  

We lost some time on the first beat by digging in twice on starboard prior to the layline (two extra tacks). Once would have been sufficient- probably should have extended on starboard the first time (1808). On the last downwind to the finish the wind dropped below 10, benefiting Jolly Mon about seven minutes or so ahead & correcting over us by 23 seconds w/o the summer penalty. 

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