Wind: SW 6 to 10, G11; Baro 30.01"; Temp 73 to 69 F
Current: ebbing, flood 1952 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-N-L-DM-s/f
Race Length: 5.6 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam & RW

We had a good start near the committee boat end of the line, crossing on the gun with Breaking Wind on our stern and Jolly Mon trailing behind and to starboard.  After spending a minute or two trying to roll us, BW bore off our stern to continue on starboard.   Four minutes into the race, as Jolly Mon rolled us we took a one minute port tack for clear air then continued out towards the Dumplings’ channel.

About halfway out we crossed Breaking Wind, then Sans Souci as they continued west on port.  Ahead Jolly Mon did the same.   We had had a conversation about taking the west side of North Dumpling to avoid the ebbing current between the Dumplings, yet decided to continue to the southern edge of the channel for current relief.   Both Jolly Mon & Sans Souci eventually tacked back to take the eastern side.

We continued along the southern edge of the channel and curiously saw some current in our favor there.  Past South Dumpling we tacked back to port to weather the SD Can 3.  Here we mistakenly tacked back to port too soon, and took a big current hit.  Breaking Wind was the first to round.  Past

Due to the backed wind, the RC changed the course for the next lap to a windward mark out near Sea flower.   We had a good leeward douse & rounding, though when the wind picked up a bit I was slow to get the backstay on.  This along with the jib cars not set properly at the start may have set up back some.

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