Wind: SW 3.4 avg, gust 7;
Current:  ebb 1439 North Hill
Start: approaches to West Harbor
Course: s-N-I/f
Race Length: 2.6 nm
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW

Up until halfway down the run to Intrepid we had a nearly perfect race.

We had a great start leading the class down the line towards the pin.  Every boat in our class bailed out on port towards the Flat Hammock Reef, while we delayed till nearly abeam Flat Hammock’s southern tip.   We went in ashore as far as we dared, for a subsequent starboard toward the southern point, followed by a series of tacks in towards South Dumpling prior to crossing the channel toward Fishers’ northern shore.  I doubt we gained much on the last port tack along South Dumpling, and had we crossed sooner, may have avoided some windward boats rolling us on the crossing. 

Noticing a couple boats ahead sailing into a significant header nearing Fishers’ shore, I chose to tack.  This worked well, though created a small concern, yet we weathered R2 with little room to spare.

On the round we went for a poleless set (as the spinnaker was setup for the standard port).   
We chose to hug the southeast side (over the west) of North Dumpling as there appeared to be more wind there.  I made an effort to stay high on port, yet should have done more so.  As the larger boats began overtaking us to windward, we lost drive and could no longer make the finish line in the dying wind.   We were within grappling hook distance as we drifted by the committee boat on the wrong side. 
Shortly thereafter, we dropped anchor downstream to witness half the fleet go through similar agony, and Don Quixote's Mudcup moment!

This race was thrown out a couple days later.

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