Wind: SW 6 to 10, G12; Baro 29.89" Temp 74 to 72 F
Current: flood 1520 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-V-s/f
Race Length: 3.3 nm
Crew: Brian, Kimberly, Adam & RW

It was another semi-light air night.  With most of the boats farther down the line, I chose to start near the committee boat, crossing the stern standoff buoy at the gun, with Watercolors coming up on our rear.  She finally bailed to leeward after spending three to four minutes in an effort to roll us to windward.  The conditions were reminiscent of June 25th, yet this time we passed North Dumpling to the east as a clearing tack was not necessary.  Somewhat ahead, Gimlet had pointed so high as to force their selves into a tack for the west side as happened to us two weeks ago.

We continued to across the channel to South Dumpling prior to tacking for a proper layline.  The rounding and set went off without a hitch. Sans Souci was well ahead at this point and it was unlikely we would catch them.  So again as two weeks ago with most of the fleet sailing back through the Dumplings, we chose the west side for current avoidance in spite of observing less wind there.  Exiting North Dumpling, I doubt we had gained on them, yet had not lost either.   

Shortly thereafter, San Souci jibed and crossed ahead of us, as we chose to continue to near the layline  For a while following our jibe to port for the finish and San Souci’s jibe to starboard we made trees on them.  Had I chose to a minute or two later to jibe, our fresher angle in the dying wind near the finish may have allowed us to cross ahead.  As it was, Sans Souci crossed less than a boatlength ahead.

1-      1 -    We lost time in start with Watercolors.
 2 -     A fresher course on the long starboard upwind may have helped.
 3 -      We would have had better current tacking to port mid-channel through the Dumplings.
 4 -     Sailing downwind near North Dumpling’s windward shore may have been a better choice, as would been the timing of our final jibe.

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