Wind: SSW at 6; Baro 29.91" Temp 70 F
Current: flood 1610 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-N-Lmk/f
Race Length: 3.3 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan & RW

The afternoon had been mostly overcast with little to no wind.  Occasionally, when the sun would poke through a breeze of 6 to 8 would build then subside as the cloud cover came back in.  Late in the afternoon the ceiling cleared and a steady six knot breeze built out of the south. 

The RC set up a two lapper to North Hill and back.  We led the class along the line towards the pin, yet at the gun Merganser with a bit more speed slowly rolled us to windward.  We bailed out for a short port then continued on starboard.  Nearing North Dumpling it became evident we were being lifted to the west side.  We would have preferred the east side for the current shove between the islands and where there appeared to be more wind, though felt it too late to bear off for the east side.

As previous experience has shown in these conditions, the west side has adverse current and less wind, so we lost a good bit to the leaders here.   I believe Cosmic was the first boat in class to round.

For the return downwind, they and nearly the whole fleet chose to sail through the Dumpling against the current for the greater wind, as did Loony Tunes, though very close to the southern shore of North Dumping. We chose the west shore for current avoidance in spite of less wind there and gained some on the class.  Half way down the run the wind nearly died and the fleet began to compress.  We were able to read the ‘tea leaves’ ahead and a final starboard jibe took us across the line.

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