Wind: WNW 8 to 12, G14; Baro 29.89" Temp 84 to 80 F
Current: ebb 1600 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-V-N-I-s/f
Race Length: 5.5 nm
Crew: Brian, Kimberly & RW

It was a somewhat suspenseful day with winds in the mid-teens, gusting to low twenties and knowing we were short handed for the evening’s race.  At five o’clock Ledge Light was still showing 16 with gusts of 22, though the forecast was for was the wind to abate early in the evening.  On the motor out, thankfully it did, so we stowed the #3 and hoisted the genoa.

With an assist from the big breeze all day the ebb was nearly as strong as last week’s flood.  I again failed to keep us up near the line and was twenty yards or so short at the gun, as was Breaking Wind.  Rolling over Breaking Wind near the committee boat I decided to continue on starboard till windward of most of the boats already on starboard tack.  Our deep port tacks, first in the lee of Horseshow and two more into Bluff Point as far as we dared, helped immensely; followed by a long starboard to near the port layline.  Here we pulled ahead of Sans Souci as they took another port hitch in (towards the airport).

After a slight duck of Looney Tunes we rounded with a reasonable set for a spirited two mile reach to North Hill, holding our own in the class except for Jolly Mon who was off ahead on her lonesome.  Following the jibe around NH’s R2, was another fun reach through the Dumplings.  Closing on Intrepid, we were overtaken by a larger boat to windward, fouling my plan of remaining up current of Intrepid. We rounded well downwind, to witness Sans Souci round on the pin fifty or so yards abeam of us and pull ahead. 

Yet two deep ports & three excellent tacks by Kimberly & Brian pulled our bacon out of the fire, to lead Sans Souci on our port windward stern quarter to finish.  There were 9 boats in our class tonight.  We finished 4th boat for boat & corrected to 3rd over Watercolors.

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