Wind: SE 8-10 kts, Baro 29.77" Temp 60 F
Current: ebb 1710 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-I-s/f
Race Length: 2.6 nm
Crew: Brian, Andrew, Reid & RW

There had been a low overcast all day and late in the afternoon the visibility diminished as well.  Yet on the motor out, we had a good two miles.

We were late arriving in the start area, a minute or more past the 5-minute warning by the time we arrived to the line.   A quick wind check showed port favored at that time; combined with the ebb I chose to duck the starboard starters for a port start near the committee boat.  Initially it appeared we were benefitting from a current lift.  We tacked a bit too late leading to an overstand, which may have been a loss of 30 seconds or more.  We had a good rounding of Intrepid with a bearaway set.  Our jibe to port for the leeward mark was late (an overstand) as well; again 30 seconds loss or more. I delayed after watching Cosmic & Watercolors bearing off and slowing in an effort to make the mark against the current.


We had a good douse (to leeward), genoa hoist and rounding.  The visibility was now down to about a quarter-mile and we could not see Intrepid, nor any land marks. On our second upwind we tacked inside of the layline, yet closed too close for a pre-set of the spinnaker prior to the rounding.  As a result we were a few seconds late on the set.  A number of large assy-boats exited the mark inside us resulting in a much wider track downwind at first, that combined with tendency to favor Groton Long Point for current relief led to a longer than necessary leg.

We were fourth boat for boat & corrected as well.

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