Wind: S 5 to 12 kts
Avg Wind: 178 at 7.9 kts, Baro 30.05" Temp 67 F
Current: flood NH 1417, ebb 1940
Start: West Harbour Approach
Course: (s/f-W-LMK-W-s/f, 1 nm at
Race Length: 3.95nm, Log: 5.2 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan, Bob & RW

Based on the forecast, the RC decided on the approaches to Fishers Island West Harbour for the race.  It takes a little longer to get there than the typical motor to Mumford Cover. Short of time we decided to the leave the rig at base, reinforced with the thought of diminishing wind. In retrospect, cinching it up one or two steps may have helped pointing somewhat.

We had a very good start leading the class down the line at the gun, the consequence being pinned to the left longer than we wished. San Souci was over early, having mistaken the leeward mark for the pin, which I’ve been guilty of in the past. The wind appeared to be slightly stronger on the right, so we decided to avoid venturing east for the downwind. At the rounding of “W” the spinnaker halyard got caught again on mainsail upper batten (will be fixed by next week). Once up and flying, the downwind went very well heeling to windward & sailing slightly by the lee.

We had good leeward douse short of the mark, though too slow getting the genoa trimmed allowing Swiss Cheese to get above and roll us. Approaching the red-nun off Flat Hammock, Brian reminded us to tack shortly afterward as the reef curves out to the southeast.  Just as we were about to tack, I noticed Cosmic about a hundred yards ahead, then Watercolors run aground.  Cosmic shook themselves free still able to maintain a lead over us, but Watercolors was stuck good and eventually retired.

Rounding "W" a spinnaker hoist problem arouse again, this with the chute going up sideways (photo-op missed).  Fortunately, the Dan & Bob quickly corrected the problem as Brian human poled the genoa wing &wing. Soon as things were sorted out we again sailed by the lee even closer to the rhumbline for a shorter course to the finish, third boat for boat with San Souci, Breaking Wind and Merganser never in the hunt.

Once more the wind gods defied the forecast for a very pleasant sail all the way back to Noank, for our longest Wednesday night of the year and Bob’s last Wednesday night race (moving to Georgia this weekend).

·         We need to get the spinnaker windward clew farther to windward prior to the hoist.

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Written by Greg Gilmartin

43 boats turned out for some close in action as the Donzo Wednesday Night Series passed the half way mark of the Spring Series.   The early calm around the Horseshoe Reef starting area forced the RC to head for West Harbor as the playing field, setting up a 4 mile windward leeward race.  Surprisingly, the wind filled in all around, but proved to be strongest right where we were.    Solid 8-13 from SSE.  
            Quantum Leap and Wild Horses each scored their third straight wins.  Ursa Minor also looked strong out front, but not so strong they could hold off Swiss Cheese on corrected.   SeTherin did correct out for the win in Class One.  Zig Zag Zoom and Eclipse took the guns and covered in their classes.
            Five in the books, the rest is gravy.  Some boats will be at Race Week next week, but the Donzo will rage on.  Now, let's get talking about building bleachers along the West Harbor shore in time for next year.