Wind: NW 5 to 12 kts
Avg Wind: 300 at 8.5 kts, Baro 29.77" Temp 72 F
Current: ebb NH 1330
Start: GLP Starting Area
Course: (s/f-DM (150 at 1.4nm)-s/f) *2
Race Length: 5.7 nm, Log: 8.5 nm
Crew: Brian, Bob & RW

The wind had been howling out of the northwest all day, mid to high-teens, with gusts in the mid-twenties. As we psyched ourselves up on the motor out to the starting area, it moderated to the low to mid-teens & gusts to twenty. The race and first class finally got underway at 1820, after a false start following a five minute delay setting the drop mark roughly a mile and a half southeast at 150 degrees for a downwind start.  Minutes prior to the tart the breeze subsided significantly to less than ten knot with an occasional gust into the low teens.

Coming into the pin on starboard, bearing off and popping the chute gave us a relatively good start in the company of Jolly Mon and Breaking Wind, with the remainder of the class favouring the committee boat. Jolly Mon really stretched out on this first leg and continued to so for the remainder of the race. The wind was noticeably stronger the farther offshore we got.  We favoured the starboard jibe, sailing mostly by the lee and heeling to windward.  This seems to work well, giving a course up current of the mark and fresh port jibe to the rounding.

We lost a few seconds on the take-down and rounding, and planned to favour the left side offshore route for more wind, yet, on three occasions were forced to tack, about to be pinched up by faster boats from overtaking classes. Rather than tacking back, we allowed ourselves to be forced towards shore and less wind.

On the hoist, rounding the windward mark, the spinnaker halyard got caught on an upper mainsail batten, which took a good two minutes or more to shake free.  Had incoming traffic not prevented me from bearing off as much as I intended, this may not have happened.  The wind had noticeably dropped off and we repeated a similar course and strategy on the second downwind, with a much better douse and rounding.   We discussed the fact that we were headed some on starboard, yet chose to stick with an offshore strategy.

·         First windward leg, we should have made a more aggressive effort to stay offshore and in more wind while it lasted.
·         Leg statistics: 
o        DW1: 18 minutes,        Avg TWS:10,  Avg Bps:4.9, Log:1.48, Pf:93.8%
o        UW1: 33.5 minutes,    Avg TWS:8.3, Avg Bps:5.1, Log:2.84, Pf:98.7%
o        DW2: 21.5 minutes,    Avg TWS:8.5, Avg Bps:4.3, Log:1.52, Pf:89.4%   (due to hoist)
o        UW2: 33 minutes,        Avg TWS:7.0, Avg Bps:4.8, Log:2.67, Pf:94.8%
·         Second windward leg: starboard was headed compared to the first leg.  Distancing ourselves on port from North Dumpling may have lessened that, yet we would not have benefited from less current in the lee of North Dumpling.
·         Seven seconds faster elapsed time would have put us in third, and two minutes in second.

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