Current: flood 1629 at Ram Island Wind 310 at 4 to 8 Course: Vixen 310 at 1.7 nm Distance 6.8 nm, s/f-Vixen-L-Vixen-s/f The wind veered a bit, less than minute prior to the gun, making starboard favored and putting us in the shadow of Get Fuzzy, Seychelle & Tumult at the starboard end of the line. A number of boats did not account for the current and got pushed to the line early. The Race Committee may have anticipated such a development, therefore their decision to reverse the normal arrangement, putting the pin at the starboard end. Though I doubt it, I believe after anchoring, it was easier for Good Boat to move the pin to starboard in the backing wind. Tumult got hung up on the pin and had to do a 360, Seychelle & Get Fuzzy to leeward collided and Sanibel was over early. Fortunately, we were well clear of the excitement and tacked for clear air on port at the first opportunity.

Following the short port hitch, we tacked to a long starboard with a final port to a short starboard layline giving the crew just enough time for spinnaker arrangements. We rounded with a good bearaway set then jibed at the first opportunity. Port was favored and had we anticipated it early enough, a jibe set was warranted. Port also got us towards shore for less current. As we neared Horseshoe we bore off to clear, then continued out, eventually jibing to starboard about halfway to the leeward mark. We should have freshened backup after Horseshoe for Groton Long Point to avoid the current prior to jibing for the leeward mark. Instead, the headway we?d made on the boats offshore was lost between Horseshoe and the mark. Arriving at the mark on starboard made for a leeward douse and a good rounding.

After the rounding, we tacked back to starboard to follow a similar windward course as before, primarily for current of a knot plus versus the half-knot near the shore. A good strategy had not the wind died in the vicinity of Sea Flower. The encounter at Sea Flower was a significant set back. Upon clearing Sea Flower we tacked to port (a header if there ever was one) a short while to a good wind lane then back to starboard a good while prior to port for the layline. This time we elected for a jibe set at Vixen, a good call yet too far behind to help us great deal. At Horseshoe we continued towards Groton Long Point, as we should have the first time around. The wind was down to four to six and moral was beginning to suffer. This time I went too deep into GLP prior to the jibe, yet with the sharper angle we were able to keep the boat moving in spite of the light air to the finish. All in all it was the best weather night of the season (a little more wind would have made it nicer), far from one of our better performances. And Sanibel won with a 15th fleet overall.

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