Wind: SW 18 to 25 kts Current: flood 1534 Ram Island Crew: Seth, Megan, George & RW It was a great night for Megan?s introduction to racing. As we motored out towards the old ?X? starting area as Katrina powered by a hundred or so miles to west on her way to Canada. We setup for max-wind conditions: first reef, #3 jib, life jackets & a wild ride.

Shortly after our starboard start, the port jib-car slide aft off its track. A few moments luffing-up and easing the sheet allowed Seth to slide it back on. We continued out on starboard not pointing nearly as high I would have thought. A port tack took us through the Dumplings with the current and set us up for a comfortable layline. We rounded, jibed and Seth set the whisker pole. Half way down the course we jibed to starboard and reached in to finish about a minute after Cosmic yet too far behind to correct over Tumult.

Problems- Windward: Jib car position should have been adjusted farther aft, as there was too much belly in the foot. Mainsheet ? could not get boom up to center Main ? has no provision for trimming the leech line with the first reef in. a lot of leech flutter.

Downwind: I should have shook out the reef. If I had, we may have beat Cosmic boat for boat and corrected over Tumult also. This is our first season without the double headstay. For similar situations in the future, I discussed with Seth a method of hoisting the genoa and dropping the #3 jib.

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