Date: 08/20/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: .0 Weather: Clear Wind: WSW 8, G11 kts Current: ebb 1745 at Ram Island
Course: s/f-V-DM-V-s/f,port  4.3 nm Crew: BB, SR, BF & RW

MRMSA Wed Night Summer Series - Race 5


The course was setup nearly parallel to the shore westward to Vixen back downwind three quarters of a mile to the DropMark (offset to the north towards shore), once more to Vixen and a final run back to the start/finish.


Starting in an about 8 knots wind in the middle of the pack on starboard, we made a short tack out on port for clear air.  Though port was the favored tack, our strategy was to extend out on starboard thinking there maybe less current developed in the deeper water this early in the ebb. I’m still not certain which course was correct, the deep one or the shallow water near the Connecticut shore.  Though in retrospect, had we continued on our first port tack for another five minutes, we may have benefited from the current shelter of Horseshoe Reef, prior to sailing offshore for the deeper water.  The 1.4 mile rhumbline to Vixen heavily favored port, and we took a total of 5 short hitches on starboard to lay the mark, with two ducks for traffic on the final port board.  Slightly overstanding due to the ebb, we had a good set and run downwind in the current with a jibe to port four minutes from the mark. 


A good douse and smooth rounding got us set for the beat back to Vixen.  Now on port along Bluff Pt. in less than twenty feet of water we had one knot of adverse current with the wind dropping to 6 and 7.   So off the beach we went for what appeared to be more wind.  Approaching the layline, we made a final duck for traffic (Hellfire & Blue Light, short of the layline themselves), which set us up for a good set and a fun 22 minute run to the finish with Blue Light over taking us two minutes short of the line for a sixth place finish.




s/f  to Vixen, 1.4 nm rhumbline – 37 minutes, average wind 8.5 knots   

Vixen to DM, .75 nm rhumbline – 10 minutes, average wind 8.5 knots

DM to Vixen, .75 nm rhumbline – 28 minutes, average wind 7 knots

Vixen to s/f, 1.4 nm rhumbline – 22 minutes, average wind 9 knots