Date: 06/25/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 4.0 Weather: Clear, Wind: SW 8-10 & 5 kts Current: flood 1440 RI
Course: s/f-B-s/f, port rounding Crew: Brian–foredeck, Bobby –mid, Seth –aft, RW –helm

MRMSA Wed Night Spring Series - Race 6


With start line set in the original “X” starting area, the course was posted as “B” Black Ledge R”2”, downwind to the s/f then back windward to “V” Vixen Ledge R”2” and return to s/f, with port roundings.  All courses from the “X” starting area to the west put a dogleg in the rhumbline due to Horseshoe Reef.  We felt initially, the left side of the course would be favored, due to fresher air and favorable current out in the channel.  So starting on the port end near the pin would be shortest distance to that goal. Had I stuck to our starting strategy, we would have faired much better.  For some reason I got stuck down by the committee boat with one & a half minutes to go.  We were just coming up on the committee boat as the gun went off, in the company of Jolly Mon rolling us to windward and Blue Light on our stern. After Jolly Mon passed I decided on a clearing track to port, which in retrospect was not a good call as it lengthened the time getting out to the current and fresh air in the channel.


With most of our class rounding ahead, we tacked in eight knots of wind on the starboard layline slightly short of abeam the mark, the current in our favor and inside an overstood Legacy bearing off on our windward hip. Clearly in error, GoodGoose came in on port directly to the mark, amongst loud protesting by John Reed, almost hitting Legacy mid-port cockpit.  Fortunately, the antics had no effect on us, and we rounded above it all with a nice bearway set.  All the boats in our class continued on starboard. Following our normal strategy in a flood, we jibed to port towards the airport at the first opportunity for current relief near shore. Turning too fast, RW screwed the jibe causing the spinnaker to collapse with momentary wrap of the headstay, though, in seconds the crew had it flying.


Brian noticed a few boats closer to shore losing their wind, so we split the difference with a good jibe back to starboard. Looking forward to Horseshoe, we noticed boats ahead sailing into a hole, plus the majority of the fleet ahead to starboard in the channel drifting. With Seth managing the spinnaker & Bob trimming, we slowly crept up on them, and for a few minutes pulled ahead of Jolly Mon.  A couple of toots from the committee boat signaled their decision to shorten the race in the dying wind. We briefly fantasized about getting our first gun. About five minutes from the line a little breeze began to build from starboard and Jolly Mon pulled away to cross 31 seconds ahead.  Winning our class on corrected time by over 6 minutes, gave us our highest ever fleet finish of 12. 



- Remain flexible, yet stack to strategy, unless good reason not to.


- We did not get the expected current relief towards shore. Maybe we did not go in far enough, yet it was best that jibed when we did as there little wind near shore.