Date: 08/27/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: .0 Weather: Clear, Wind:  West 10 kts Current: flood 1724 at Ram Island
Course: s/f-V-s/f-DM-s/f (p), Distance: 4.3 nm Crew: BB, BF, SR, RW

Wednesday Night - August 27th - Thursday

Crew: Brian-foredeck, Bob-mid, Seth -aft, RW -helm.


On the start we were reaching a third of the way down the line right on the line, when Sanibel (Pearson Wanderer 30) came up on our leeward quarter about 30 feet off our beam, requesting us to come up.  I told them I was on the line and could go no higher, yet felt there was plenty of room for them to come up. As they were faster, they slowly overtook us to leeward and worked their way up to the line to where they were about ten feet abeam of us and higher by the gun. A few of their crew call foul towards us, though I felt not since they had plenty of room.  I guess in retrospect, we should have luffed our sails and been less of an obstacle to them.  At the gun they were on our lee bow and pulling away. With Sassy Lassie rolling us to starboard, we took a short tack on port for clear air then continued out for the current.


Start – in the future I’m giving up on the starting mid-line or near the pin when my strategy is to continue on starboard. As often happens, we get rolled and are then forced to tack to port when our intention was to continue on starboard.  I believe if it is our intention to extend on starboard of a while, it is best to start at the starboard end and windward of the fleet, even at the expense of being over late.


After about three minutes on starboard we took the long tack towards Vixen, laid the line and rounded with a smooth bearaway set.  We had discussed jibing to port for current relief nearer the shore, but the wind was too forward to make the port jibe advantageous and felt a jibe to port to get out of the current would have been too drastic a course increase to gain from it. So we continued on a fresh broad reach the whole leg in the current, as did the vast majority of the fleet.  


Approaching the leeward mark, we took down the spinnaker slightly early.  In retrospect, we should have hoisted the genoa to port with a leeward douse rather than the port windward takedown. At this point I believe we were still in the hunt. After the rounding great crew work, we took another hitch out on starboard for current. This I extended too far by a couple minutes resulting in an overstand of the DropMark. Approaching the layline, Legacy ahead to our leeward had to duck someone allowing us to round inside. Should we not have taken the hitch on starboard from the leeward mark? I imagine the current benefit was marginal at best.


On the last leg, we jibed almost immediately after the set, and held a course shoreward of Horseshoe to get out of the current, giving us a fresh angle once back on starboard at Horseshoe for the finish.  This may have been a good move as the wind slacked to 7 & 8 the last third of the run, and a few boats further offshore appeared to be struggling in the dying breeze against the current.


We crossed less than a minute behind Cosmic, though too far behind the others to correct higher than fifth.


Thanks to the crew ------    Our boat handling has improved immensly this year, now only if the skipper would go the right way.   As the old saying goes - there is always next year!