WNRS Results

Wind: WSW at 5 to 10 kts, avg 8, gusts 12
Backing to SW throughout the race.
Temp: 77 F, Baro: 29.82
Current: flood North Hill 14:45
Course: sf-DM-s/f*4, 250 at 1.1 nm; Race Length: 4.2 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

We had a good start mid-line between Cosmic to leeward and Jolly Mon trailing slightly to windward. Eventually, Jolly Mon bailed out on port, as we continued out to more current following Cosmic.   Shortly after our tack to port, I had to bear off slightly to duck Jolly Mon now proceeding out on starboard.   Regardless of our tack for the layline short of 90 degrees, a significant overstand resulted in the swift current.  Would two more tacks closer in for a shorter layline have been any faster?

The rounding & bearaway spinnaker set was smooth as we began a long run trailing the port quarter of Cosmic by a hundred yards & Jolly Mon far ahead sailing dead downwind.  We covered Cosmic’s jibe to port and closed slightly as they reached up to fresher course for another jibe & starboard rights at the mark to round a handful of boatlengths ahead of us.

After recovering from a near shrimping event on the rounding, we found port favored as expected (on the downwind).   I believe Zallee, Jolly Mon & Cosmic all tacked offshore, while we remained on port for a good while as pressure offshore appeared to have diminished. 

Following another bearaway set and a headed starboard jibe we sailed down the rhumbline to the finish.  Cosmic’s fresher course & subsequent jibe did not help them and we crossed ahead, third boat for boat to correct over Zallee, yet 28 seconds short of correcting over Jolly Mon.

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Wind: WNW at 12 to 16 kts
Current: ebb North Hill 14:20
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X” 
Course: sf-Vixen *2, Race Length: 5.9 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan & RW

It was just three of us, as Adam got stuck in a traffic jam.  We set the rig for mid-teens with the #1 heavy.  Our strategy was to initially tuck inside the current lee of Horseshoe and favor the shore to Vixen, then offshore on the runs with the current.

We got a starboard start down near the pin, with Jolly Mon a few boatlengths to windward.  Cosmic closer to the RC, tacked to port shortly after clearing the committee boat while we continued out a couple minutes and tacked the same time as Jolly Mon.  We had the flattener on for the upwinds, yet in retrospect I should have followed the crews’ advice on a reef & made better use of the main.  Cosmic had five crew aboard which certainly made difference on the windward legs.

We had a good rounding of the leeward mark, bearaway sets on both roundings of Vixen, yet I jibed too soon on both runs.   We missed correcting over Jolly Mon by 30 seconds.

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Tuesday (17th), Adam & I launched SeTherin & spent the day setting things up.

Wind: WSW at 6 to 10 kts, Gusts 12, 14
Temp: 75 F, Baro: 30.00; MTW 54 F
Current: ebb North Hill 14:00
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: sf-DM-s/f, 250 at 1.5 nm; Race Length: 4.5 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

The start was delayed 5-minutes due to the pin boat running late from setting the windward mark.  We chose to go west along Horseshoe & the Connecticut shore for current relief, so I set up an approach along the line from the pin thinking we had nearly two minutes to go. Halfway down the line, we discovered we had less than 30 seconds, so I tacked on Gimlet’s starboard hip to cross the line. 

Soon as we were assured of clearing the committee boat, we flopped to port a few seconds after Cosmic and followed them out safely south of Horseshoe.  Interestingly, we stayed with them for the longest time in winds of 9 to 11 kts.   Then we chose to tack offshore rather than chance overstanding, though we probably should have gone somewhat farther. 

Our spinnaker set was all fouled up (I crossed the sheets when hooking them up). Here we lost a better part of a minute at reduced speed.  Once up and pulling, we had a good downwind, though should have jibed a minute or so sooner.  

We had a timely douse at the leeward rounding as some increased pressure moved in. Had I cinched up the backstay more & had we put in the flattener, we may have kept her on her feet better & weathered Horseshore.  Eventually we made our way offshore west of Seaflower in two long starboard favored hitches & two shorter headed ports for the finish.

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