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Wind: WSW at 6 to 10 kts, Gusts 12, 14
Temp: 75 F, Baro: 30.00; MTW 54 F
Current: ebb North Hill 14:00
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: sf-DM-s/f, 250 at 1.5 nm; Race Length: 4.5 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

The start was delayed 5-minutes due to the pin boat running late from setting the windward mark.  We chose to go west along Horseshoe & the Connecticut shore for current relief, so I set up an approach along the line from the pin thinking we had nearly two minutes to go. Halfway down the line, we discovered we had less than 30 seconds, so I tacked on Gimlet’s starboard hip to cross the line. 

Soon as we were assured of clearing the committee boat, we flopped to port a few seconds after Cosmic and followed them out safely south of Horseshoe.  Interestingly, we stayed with them for the longest time in winds of 9 to 11 kts.   Then we chose to tack offshore rather than chance overstanding, though we probably should have gone somewhat farther. 

Our spinnaker set was all fouled up (I crossed the sheets when hooking them up). Here we lost a better part of a minute at reduced speed.  Once up and pulling, we had a good downwind, though should have jibed a minute or so sooner.  

We had a timely douse at the leeward rounding as some increased pressure moved in. Had I cinched up the backstay more & had we put in the flattener, we may have kept her on her feet better & weathered Horseshore.  Eventually we made our way offshore west of Seaflower in two long starboard favored hitches & two shorter headed ports for the finish.

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Wind: SSE at 4 to 6 kts
Temp: 60 F, Baro: 30.12; MTW 54 F
Current: flood North Hill 15:45
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: sf-W-s/f, Race Length: #.# nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

Wind: SW at 6 to 10 kts; Average 212 @ 7 kts
Temp: 79-74F, Baro: 29.85
Current: flood North Hill 15:50
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X” 
Course: sf-DM-LMK-DM/f, Race Length: 3.0 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

We had a good start with Jolly Mon & Cosmic to port as the three of us led the class off the line. 

In the pre-start we could see better wind on the left offshore towards North Dumpling. The rhumbline was pretty square, though starboard was favored due to the flood and the appearance of more wind out to the left. For the first five minutes or so, we forged ahead trailing Jolly Mon & Cosmic in a 5 to 6 knot breeze, the following five minutes saw an increase to an 8 knot average TWS. And once established on port the wind picked up for an 8.5 knot average to the layline. 

We had a good button hook rounding and set, then favored a slightly fresh angle above TgtWA to the leeward mark for a smooth douse and rounding, tacking back out for the fresher wind as soon as we were up to speed.

The subsequent beat was similar as the first with yet a fresher breeze of 9.5 kts average offshore.  The RC shortened race for a finish at the windward mark.  Seventeen seconds faster would have put us in second place.   

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Wind: SW at 6 to 10 kts; Average 206 @ 8.4 kts
Temp: 76F, Baro: 29.90
Current: Ebb North Hill 14:10
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X” 
Course: sf-N-I-s/f, Race Length: 3.8 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

We were at the line on the start, Merganser on our port with Cosmic & Jolly Mon to starboard.  Down on speed at the gun, it took a while to get in the groove, felt like a minute.  Once established, we decided to take a chance passing up the east side of Flat Hammock.  After tacking to port in the current lee of the Hammock, we paralleled Sans Souci off to the north along the south side of the Dumplings channel for a while, prior to they’re bailing out to follow our lead past the Hammock.  The two of us were the only boats in the whole fleet to take this route.  

We maintained our lead on Sans Souci to round the North Hill buoy behind Jolly Mon and on Cosmic’s heals.  After the set, we took a short jibe to centralize in the current of the Dumplings channel.  Shortly thereafter I allowed myself to be led astray by the three leading boats, (Jolly Mon, Cosmic & Wunder Dog) following them out of the channel to the north.   In meantime Sans Souci made up for lost time cooking in the current of the channel & the fresher breeze to the south to close with us at Intrepid.  We had an inside overlap at the rounding and led out of the mark choosing to continue with the chute in tight reaching mode, a good call yet not enough to hold off Sans Souci, as she caught up to pass us to windward at the pin for the finish.  The outcome would have been in our favor had I not cut the corner at North Dumpling.

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Wind: SW at 10 to 14 kts; Average 267 @ 11.4 kts
Temp: 76F, Baro: 29.91
Current: Flood North Hill 15:10
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: sf-DM-s/f*2, 250 at 1.37 nm; Race Length: 5.4 nm
Posted as 260 at 1.2 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Josh & RW

There was no ambiguity regarding strategy last night. We had a good start trailing Jolly Mon down the line and leading Cosmic at the gun.  After a few minutes Cosmic bailed out on port, while we continued offshore short of the port layline, keeping our sites on Jolly Mon on our port forward quarter. She tacked first and we followed once past her stern.  We rounded behind Jolly Mon, yet ahead of Cosmic with a good bearway set, then tacked at first opportunity, while Jolly Mon continued on starboard south of Seaflower.  Cosmic followed us down the port-jibe run and we were able to maintain our lead with Josh trimming the chute, assisted by Brian’s coaching.

With Cosmic on our stern, we had an excellent douse and rounding of the leeward mark rounding, and tacked immediately to starboard, while ahead Jolly Mon and Cosmic (more so) extended some on port prior to the long favored starboard tack.  This time out we tacked much shorter of the port layline, then I overstood the starboard layline more than necessary, concerned about interference from Wonder Dog, so I crossed ahead of him on port prior to tacking for the rounding.  Jolly Mon had rounded first as usual and Cosmic had rounded a minute or so ahead of us.  

Our set was delayed slightly, and we again jibed soon as possible to chase Cosmic down the run while Jolly Mon again passed south of Seaflower prior to her jibe.

It was the last sail of the season for Josh, as school starts next week, but fabulous one it was.

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You know it has been a good night when there are this many spinnakers behind us on the motor back to Spicers.  :)

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