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Date: 07/30/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: .0 Weather: Clear, high thin overcast, little wind Current: flood 1828 Ram Island
Course: Fishers Island West Harbor Crew: Brian, Bob, & RW

MRMSA Wed Night Summer Series - Abandoned


Motored over to the Flat Hammock starting area. Race postponed at 1755 & abandoned at 1830 hours.

Date: 07/23/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 6.0 Weather: Clearing, Wind: SW 12-16, G 18 kts. Current: ebb 1925 at Ram Island
Course: s/f-N-I-N-I(s/f) with port roundings Crew: Brian-foredeck, Bobby -mid, Seth -aft, RW -helm

MRMSA Wed Night Summer Series - Race 3

Last night we made up for a bit of a dry spell. With the startline adjacent to Intrepid Rock, the course was 1.45 miles windward to North Hill, back downwind to Intrepid, then once more around for a total distance of 5.8 nm. In the pre-start maneuvers, I noticed Hotspur running their #2 genoa. With a choice of only the #1 & #3 jibs, we have run our genoa up to 20 kts with only three of us, and should have no problem with four us aboard. We had a great start mid-line in 12 to 14 kts of wind with Jolly Mon right on our stern. Shortly after they passed to leeward we tacked concerned about their leebow position. In a series of two tacks we set up on a long port hitch through the middle of the Dumplings, making greater than 5.5 knots over the bottom, current in our favor. Nearing the Dumplings, we saw MiniMaxi about to cross ahead do a quick spin to leeward, and continue back downwind towards Mystic on port. Maybe they broke a starboard shroud or something.

Our first tack found us short of the layline rounding in 14 kts of wind. Once on the layline, a smooth bearaway set got us off on the run. Then the pole momentarily jumped off the mast, which Brian quickly reset. Halfway down the run, we ended up with a bad wrap on the spinnaker in the jibe to port for the mark. Quickly lowering the halyard allowed Brian to untwist it, and we were back up and flying in no time. Approaching Intrepid, we hoisted the genoa and gathered the spinnaker to windward for a smooth fast rounding. Blue Light dropped out following their rounding of Intrepid on the first lap, due to problems on the douse. Talking with them later… Tim said they were having problems pointing in the high wind.

We hung on port for a good while prior to a long starboard tack, where the guys did their best to flake the spinnaker (run the tapes) from the rail.

With port favored again between the Dumplings, I delayed too long for once on port found we had to sail a bit free to clear the rocks north of South Dumpling. Approaching the layline found us five boat lengths abeam and to leeward of Crystal Slipper (class 3). We tacked on the layline with CS right behind coming on like a freight train. Rather than have them roll us on the rounding, we kept high giving them room inside. On the second windward leg we laid the mark in only three tacks versus the six on the first leg.

The spinnaker went up without a hitch, and with the wind backed a bit, we made the entire run on the starboard jibe. In 14 -16 kts wind, and occasional gusts to 18 we worked in downwind, with Bob pumping the sheet on the waves to bursts of 7 kts boatspeed. We crossed the line fifth boat for boat, correcting to 1st, with a two minute margin, and 7th overall in the fleet of 47 to finish & 52 starters.

Yach Type Skipper PHRF ET CT Class Fleet

SeTherin Catalina 22 Magner 273 80.21 63.35 1 7

CosmicDebris Kiwi 22 Fesenmeyer 216 77.05 65.38 2 20

Hotspur Devlin 24 Devlin 173 73.90 66.44 3 27

Jolly Mon C&C30 Redwing Loveday/Porter 164 73.97 67.34 4 34

Sassy Lassie Newport 28 Burnham 172 77.82 70.06 5 41

Good Goose P Triton Richardson 253 100.78 81.58 6 46

BlueLite Cal 25 Giulini 225 DNF DNF 9 53

Mini Maxi Onorato 24 Onorato 183 DNF DNF 9 53

Date: 07/16/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 3.0 Weather: cloudy, low ceiling. SW 8-10 < 5 kts Current: ebb 1324 at Ram Island
Course: s/f-W-I with port roundings Crew: Brian-foredeck, Bobby -mid, Seth-aft, RW -helm

MRMSA Wed Night Summer Series - Race 2


The wind moderated as the start time neared, in comparison the brisk mid teens breeze (remnants of the afternoon storm) we had motoring over towards Fishers.


Off the line with a great start, we short tacked up the right side of the course along the east shore of Flat Hammock laying W on the sixth tack.  A good set found us rounding the mark in fourth behind Jolly Mon, Cosmic Debris & Mini Maxi.  Again, I failed to stick to my stated strategy of jibing shortly after the set. Instead we played follow the leader, (Axiom - Don’t split with the fleet) when the opposite course was heavily favored (Axioms - Favored side up the course wind wise should be the favored downwind also.

- tack favored upwind, indicates opposite jibe favored downwind). Instead we fell for the first and stuck with the leaders, when a port jibe was heavily favored as was the left side downwind.


Eventually we jibed to port (about five minutes too late), with Blue Light on our tail. They slowly overtook us to windward; we then reached up and gave them the same treatment.  Shortly thereafter, we raised the genoa and doused the spinnaker in a 90 degree clock of the wind, and we were still in the hunt now ahead of Blue Light.  I then made two fatal tacks towards the left side of the course for more wind, the last of which set us up for another spinnaker set as the wind backed to the SW again. Had we stayed on our original port tack after raising the genoa we could have made the finish at Intrepid in fifth (elapsed) place rather than last (7th).

Date: 07/09/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 2.0 Weather: Clear Current: ebb 1324 at RI
Course: s/f-DM-s/f with port roundings Crew: Brian-foredeck, Bobby -mid, Jeff-aft, RW -helm

MRMSA Wed Night Summer Series - Race 1


The start for the first race of Wed. Night Summer Series was set up just north of the Flat Hammock R2 nun, the windward (DM) a mile northeast at 30 degrees and a return to the start/finish.


We had a great approach to the start second to the line Hotspur fist with Good Goose out to port end. Once reaching the line tacking to port would have allowed us to cross most of our competition, yet for some reason, I continued down on starboard nearly to the pin.


Finally tacking to port (favored and lifted by the flood), we continued to near the layline, comfortably laying it in one more series. In the extreme light air and slop I found myself pinching too much. Rounding with a good bearaway set, we soon jibed; my thought to make some easting in the weaker current near shore.  For some reason, I lost faith in that strategy and shortly jibe back. I should stuck it out a few more minutes, as the final long jibe would have been much fresher.


We crossed in 6th boat for boat with no correction and beat feet for the mid-season party.

Date: 07/02/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 3.0 Weather: Clear, Wind: S 8-5, < 5 kts Current: ebb 1330 @ RI
Course: s/f-W-DM-W-s/f with port roundings Crew: Brian-foredeck, Bobby -mid, Seth -aft, RW -helm

MRMSA Wed Night Spring Series - Race 7


Wednesday Night Start: 1800 hours.

The start for the last race of Wed. Night Spring Series was set up in the approach to Fishers Island West Harbor just outside of Flat Hammock, with “W” R6 in the mouth of the harbor a mile upwind, back downwind DM, at the halfway point on the rhumbline, back to  “W” with a final run to the start/finish line for a total of 3 miles. 


A so-so start in 7-8 kts of wind found us sandwiched between Sassy Lassie to windward and Jolly Mon to leeward. A short port tack to clear Jolly Mon’s leebow found us shortly back on starboard to windward of the fleet playing the shifts and pressure up the course, with great tacking and trimming on crews’ part. Bearing away after good set at the mark, with the wind dropping to six or so, we played the middle of the course with a series of jibes. Approaching DM found us sixth behind Blue Light. Raising the genoa on starboard with a port leeward douse, Brian quickly stowed the pole, & we jibed around the mark to find Blue Light going backwards in some kind of snafu. Offering our condolences, we hardened up back to speed for the final beat to windward in the dying air.


With the whole crew looking for air and Seth watching the numbers, a series of tacks got us back up to the layline for another smooth set. A couple minutes after rounding, Seth’s attentive eyes noticed Jolly Mon way off to the right near Clay Point about to jibe to port in a long wind band stretching all the way to the finish. That was the ticket, yet I felt we had missed the train. Seeing little to no wind between us, I decided on another run down the middle in extremely spotty light air. In retrospect, maybe we should have invested on the reach towards Clay Point as the wind band held there throughout the race. I was concerned that dividend would expire prior to our arrival. Shortly thereafter, we belatedly switched to the light-air spinnaker sheets. Had we switched earlier, I may have continued towards Clay Point. The performance of a .5oz spinnaker vs. our .6oz crossed my mind also. Working our way down course, connecting the patches of air we crossed fifth boat for boat in our class with no gain in correction, and 29th corrected in a fleet of fifty boats.


Kudos to the RC for the course selection; any other start area would have resulted in an abandoned race for lack of wind.


Congratulations to John McCrea (regular crew on Crystal Slipper) and his father Peter for winning their class in the Doublehanded return of the Bermuda 1-2 Yacht Race, of which his father won the first singlehanded leg

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