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Date: 07/24/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 9.0 Weather: NE 12-16 Current: flood 1743 at Ram
Course: s/f-M-N-M-N-s/f (p) Crew: BB, JL & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Summer Series -  Race 3


Last week Brian, Jeff and I had memorable evening of sailing. With winds of 12-16 knots out of the northeast, the R/C set an unusually long course of nine miles. Two laps with the windward mark up in the Mystic River and the leeward one North Hill R"2" 2.25 nm distant to the SW, with the s/f somewhere in the middle. Off to a good start at the committee boat we soon tacked to port hugging the Clumps for current relief.  Slightly overstanding "M”, we had a good rounding and set. With Brian, handling foredeck and Jeff pulling all the middle strings our sets and jibes came off without a hitch, though Jeff nearly continued off the side of the boat along with the mainsail on one occasion.

One item to remember -when removing the halyard from the spinnaker, after the douse, hook the head to velcro in the bag.


Working the current in our favor, we jibed down the middle between the Dumplings, and  hugged the shores of South Dumpling and Flat Hammock on the returns in a newly discovered favorable eddy, hiking to max all the way.  Not able to see the committee boat and the finish line in the approaching twilight, we thought they might have moved the finish up to "M" in the river, so we continued across the mouth of West Harbor prior to tacking to starboard. Nearing West Clump with all of us on the rail, I finally saw the line appear out from behind the genoa. We quickly bore off to cross the line a few seconds behind Gael Force. I figure nearly five minutes were lost not knowing where the finish was, certainly first place. The GPS printout shows us going nearly 5 minutes out of our way. Four minutes & six seconds would have moved us into first.


Regardless, in retrospect, I feel we could have gained further current relief had we tacked to starboard along the east shore of the Hammock on both returns, the second of which would have set us up for the proper finish. 


Boat     Type    Skipper            PHRF  E Time C Time Class    Fleet    


1-Sanibel-Pearson30                Keeler,199       126.22 109.54


2-SassyLassie-Newport28       Burnham,162    122.20 111.56


3-SeTherin-Catalina22             Magner,273     142.78 112.77


4-GaelForce-C&C24               Harren,218       141.82 120.03  


5-Tumult-Ericson30                  Litke,215         145.77 123.86  


6-BlueLitel-Cal25                     Giulini,225        DNF

Date: 07/17/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 6.0 Weather: SWS 10-12, 8-6 Current: ebb 1738 RI
Course: s/f-N-s/f-N-s/f(p) Crew: Brian, Jeff, Tracy & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Summer Series-Race 2


A typical summer Wednesday Night out to North Hill and back two times.  At the first windward mark, I underestimated the current (again). We ended up doing an extra series of tacks smack dab in the middle of a multitude of large boats, from which we never recovered. With the wind dying on the last lap, we could not even make it back to the finish against the ebb.

Date: 07/10/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 4.0 Weather: WNW 12-16, gusts 18, lulls 9 Current: flood 1732 RI
Course: s/f-V-s/f, p Crew: BB, BF, TD & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Summer Series - Race 1


Last night was the first of the Mudhead Wednesday Night Summer Series, and the first night for our new genoa & spinnaker combination.  The R/C chose a short course for the mid-season party night.  In a 14 knot northwesterly, we got a good start at the committee boat on Tumult’s stern with Sanibel on our tail soon lifting and passing above us. With all the crew hiking, we clawed our way out to windward popping the flattening-reef in and out numerous times.  With all four of us on the rail, Bob trimming the genoa & outhaul, Tracy hiking and Brian on the flattening reef.  We must have popped the flattening reef in three or four times. Above the majority of the fleet, with the windward mark Vixen slightly below a beat and current in our favor we were able fetch the mark without a tack. 


Nearing Vixen, it became obvious that a jibe-set would be most beneficial, contrary to our port bearaway setup.  Realizing RW had forgotten to prepare the spinnaker halyard, Bob quickly got the gear to starboard using our starboard genoa halyard. Jibing around Vixen, reaching up towards shore under genoa couple of minutes and above some of the inbound traffic we soon had the chute was up and pulling.  With Bob initially trimming, Tracy and Brian got the genoa down and secured, and we were off for an accelerating ride to the finish.  Brian took over the trimming as Tracy & Bob moved to the high side of the cabin. I soon sensed the mast pumping; Bob secured the lazy jib halyard to the bow and trimmed in as Brian cinched it up tight.  


We then had a rip roaring spinnaker run to the finish occasionally catching the quarter wave of larger boats as they passed us to windward, with sustained speeds over 7 knots.


Boat     Type    Skipper            PHRF  E Time C Time Class    Fleet


1 Tumult 2        Ericson 30-1    Litke    215      40.48   34.39


2 SeTherin        Catalina 22       Magner 273     44.88   35.45


3 Sassy Lassie  Newport 28     Burnham162     40.15   36.65


4 Sanibel          Wanderer 30    Keeler  199      42.45   36.84


5 Good Goose Triton               Richardson 249            48.05   39.09


6 Gael Force    C&C 24           Harren  218      46.72   39.54


7 Raggedy Ann Ericson 25        Bonola 234      48.1     39.88


8 Blue Lite        Cal 25              Giulini   225      57.22   47.99



Bob & I left the party at 2215.  On the drive home, the sky was awesome, Wow!



-     The Curmudgeon’s Counsel

We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some

are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors ... but they

all exist very nicely in the same box.

Date: 07/03/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 4.0 Weather: WSW 10-12, 14-7 Current: ebb 1821 at RI
Course: s/f-DM-s/f-DM-s/f, p Crew: BB, BF, JL & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Spring Series - Race 7


Wednesday night was the last race of the MRMSA spring series; more typical summer evening wind conditions: starting fresh, diminishing as the race progressed.  With the wind out of the SW, the Race Committee chose to run us the drop mark (DM) out past Sea Flower. They mistakenly posted the bearing to DM at 260 degrees; it was much closer to 240.  In the last of the flood, I tried a port tack approach down the start line, with the idea of tacking onto starboard in a hole. The hole we did tack into was void of air, requiring a short port hitch to gain windward clearance of the fleet.


Back on the favored starboard tack to DM, we made good time for 20 minutes to the south getting a bit of lift from the last of the flood.  A ten-minute hitch on port set us up for the layline into the windward mark. With no great time consuming glitches on the bearaway set, we jibed to port about five minutes after rounding and held our own down the run.


At the leeward mark, we were a little late getting setup for the windward douse and raising the genoa. Shortly after rounding, we tacked to the favored starboard soon as the air was clear.  After five minutes or so Gael Force crossed on port and tacked to windward. We then tacked for clear air, and unfortunately hung on port (against the increasing ebb) for an extended time, our costliest mistake.


Finally tacking we had a long tack on starboard, with a short port hitch to lay the line, then rounded with a small hour glass in the set, which was shortly shook out.  Following an immediate jibe to port, we rode the diminishing wind to the finish.  It would have taken a five minute faster finish time to move us into the money.




Favored tack, favored tack, and favored tack.


-Following a spinnaker douse and stuffing it into the bag, we need to run the tapes from the head to the clews prior to the next set.



-           After disconnecting the pole from the mast, first release the old guy before hooking up to the new one. 

-           Rather than fishing for the new guy, reach out, grab it, and put it in the jaw.

-           Someone aft of the mast can help by pulling the guy inboard making it easier for the foredeck to reach. 

-           With wind dying on the last run, we should have reached up at bit more for speed, which would have required a couple more jibes, yet may have given us a better time down the run.    


Boat     Type    Skipper            PHRF  E Time C Time Class    Fleet


1          Sassy Lassie     Newport 28     Burnham 192    66.43   58.19


2          Gael Force       C&C 24                       Harren  228      71.05   59.36


3          Sanibel             Pearson                        Keeler  219      72.77   61.51


4          SeTherin           Catalina 22       Magner            273      82.85   65.43


5          Tumult 2           Ericson 30-1    Litke    215      77.35   65.72


6          Good Goose    Pearson Triton  Richardson

249      81.53   66.33


7          Raggedy Ann    Ericson 25        Bonola 234      84.68   70.21


8          Blue Lite Special           Cal 25              Giulini   225      400      DNF

Date: 06/26/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 7.0 Weather: SW 8-18 Current: flood 1845 at RI
Course: s/f-N-s/f-N-s/f, p Crew: BB, BF, JL & RW

MRMSA Wed Night-Spring Series - Race 6


The course was two laps between Fishers Island North Hill R2 and the s/f area just East of the Groton Long Point Nun #22, the rhumb line running right between the Dumplings,  with a half hour of ebb remaining at the start.


Accelerating a bit late for the start in the ten-knot wind, we were unable to close the door on a barging Sanibel for the second week in a row. They rolled us, as did Tumult close behind.  In the fresher wind, I chose not to bail onto port, unfavored & into the current, but hung in for clear air.  With Tumult was a good distance to windward and abeam and Good Goose to our leeward 10 o’clock, we stayed even past Flat Hammock.  Tumult tacked first, then we a tacked a bit after Good Goose crossed and had a half knot favorable current between Fishers and South Dumbling.     


Overstanding the windward mark slightly for traffic avoidance we rounded with a good bearaway set, jibing shortly thereafter for the favor at the first opportunity.  After passing close to North Dumpling in a fresh 12 to 14 kts, we jibed back to starboard for most of the run. A final jibe back to port set us up for a windward douse in preparation for the next set.  


After rounding, we hung on port with the new flood for about ten minutes.  A tack to starboard took us up into good position for a port board through the Dumplings, current in our favor.  Nearing South Dumpling prior to our tack to port, we felt an unusually warm wind coming off Fishers Island, as if there was a desert to our windward. It must have been 85 degrees or more.   


With dark clouds and thunder a few miles southwest, we tacked for the layline finding we had overstood significantly, nearly allowing Gael Force an inside overlap at the mark. Again, we rounded with a good set and worked over towards South Dumpling out of the current.  Nearing South Dumpling, fixating on Gael Force to our port, I turned dead downwind rather than continuing a broad reach towards Flat Hammock for current relief. In relativity flat seas and a wind of 14 to 16, we continued hey diddle-diddle right down the middle oblivious to the better part of a two-knot current. The wind continued to build to a steady 18 knots, and we were consistently above six knots, occasionally exceeding seven, we saw a max of 7.2 knot for a moment or two.   We could see Good Goose a distance ahead, wing & wing, Tumlut slightly behind off to their right (avoiding current) and Gael Force slowly pulling ahead on our port.




- On the first tack, we hung on starboard too long; we should have tacked on Good Goose’s hip shortly after their crossing. 

- At the end of the first run we doused the spinnaker on the first run slightly too soon.

- On the last run, we should have favored the south side of the channel between the Dumplings for current relief.

- An indicated wind speed of 15 knots with a temperature of 85 degrees corrects to an effective wind speed of 14.2 knots.

-A forty-two second faster elapsed time would have placed us in third.


Boat     Type    Skipper            PHRF  E Time C Time Class    Fleet


1 Sassy Lassie  Newport28      Burnham,192    104.25 91.32   1          21


2 Sanibel          Pearson            Keele,219        108.43 91.65   2          24


3 Good Goose Pearson Triton  Richardson,249            117.57 95.65   3          36


4 SeTherin        Catalina 22       Magner,273     121.80 96.20   4          39


5 Tumult 2        Ericson 30-1    Litke,215         117.88 100.16 5          44


6 Gael Force    C&C 24           Harren,228       120.87 100.98 6          46


7 Blue Lite Special        Cal 25  Giulini,225        500.00 DNF    9          63


8 Raggedy Ann Ericson 25        Bonola,234      400.00 DNS    9          63
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