Wind: N 5 to 12 kts, gust 14, lulls 3
Current: ebb North Hill 1235 
Start: southwest of Seaflower
Course 4, s/f-DM-Lmk-DM-s/f, 150 at 1.3 nm
Race Lengths: 5.1 nm for each race
Crew: Adam, Josh, Sam & RW

Our strategy current wise was to favor the left side of the course for the first race during the last of the flood, then for the second race possibly the right side once ebb began.
I managed to get good starts for both races. In the first race I failed to stick with my strategy for the left side of the course, therefore negatively affecting our performance.  The second race worked out much better. 
The breeze was fairly consistent all day with minor fluctuations direction wise and the TWS varying from 6 to 12, gusts 14.

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