Hospice Regatta - 07/20/13

Wind: SW 10 to 5 kts
Avg Wind: 237at 9.6 kts, Baro 29.74" Temp 85 F
Current: ebb NH 0857; flood 1554
Start: West of Horseshoe
Course: s/f-Wmk-L-s/f*2; 1.7 nm at 245"
Race Length: 6.4 nm
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW

We had a good start leading the class mid-way down the line.  Immediately, all the boats excepting ourselves tacked to port, ostensibly to avoid the stronger ebb offshore.  After continuing offshore for ten minutes, we tacked to port as the wind looked lighter farther out.  Compared to most of the fleet near shore, we appeared to be in a much better wind band.

Brian made great tack calls all day.  Our sets were smooth all day. There was one issue on the douse as we rounded the leeward mark, when the spinnaker would not come down. The halyard must have jammed internally.  After some fiddling, Seth & Brian finally got it to break free quickly stowed.  Fortunately, no significant time was lost.  Both runs were nearly dead-downwind with the boat heeled to windward.   

Link to chart Race 1, First Place

Wind: SW 10 to 5 kts
Avg Wind: 233 at 8.5 kts, Baro 30.07" Temp 77 F
Current: ebb NH 0857; flood 1554
Start: West of Horseshoe
Course: s/f-Wmk-L-Wmk2-s/f; 1.7 nm at 245" & 1.2 nm at 230"
Race Length: 5.4 nm
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW

In the second race, another good start and hung starboard longer than the other boats in our class, though only for five minutes or so.  I believe we fell behind some around 1420 by sailing out of a wind band rather than tacking to back to port.  Here we lost our closing on the Ensigns that had started ten minutes ahead. 

Shortly after rounding the windward mark, the RC announced a shortening of the course, setting another windward mark farther east and closer in.   This time we had a very smooth douse at the leeward and a cheering section on our set rounding the last windward mark. 

Link to chart Race 2, Third Place

The first race we won handily, and missed first in the second race by 5 seconds elapesd time.
Link to Results

Awards photo
Back row Left to Right: Brian Brousseau (SeTherin-2nd), Neal O'Connell (Checkered Demon-3rd), Lee Reichart (Ursa Minor-1st)
Link to Party photos
SeTherin placed third in fundraising