Saturday – 07/21/12       
Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Winds: SE 8 kts, occasional gust to 11, Baro 30.08" Temp 74F
Current: ebb - North Hill 1252
Start/Finish: a mile west of Seaflower
Race 1: Course: s/f- DM(125 at 1.30)-s/f * 2
Distance: 5.3 nm
Race 2: Course: s/f-DM(125 at 1.30)-s/f - DM(150 at 1.8)-s/f
Distance: 6.4 nm
Shrouds: @ 8 kt setting

For both races, We favored the starboard tack on both laps, as did the majority of the fleet. In the first race, both windward rounding’s & sets went smoothly, and we felt good about our performance as evidenced later in the results with a second place.

I wish I could say the same about the second race. Our first beat went very well, then fell apart at the windward mark.  Nearing the mark on port in traffic, rather than duck “Breakin’ Wind”, I tacked inside.  We lost our drive in the, exhaust and it took three tries to round, touching the mark in the process.  Following our obligatory 360 turn, our downwind went well, as well as the douse & leeward mark rounding.

The RC shifted the windward mark for the second lap and again we favored the starboard left side of the course as I felt there to be more pressure there.  Favoring the right side of the course could have been better current wise, as the ebb may be less farther away from the Fishers shore. Yet, this time at the windward mark our set turned into a disaster, as the sheet was wrapped around the halyard, which took a couple minutes to sort out I guess, with a bit of shrimping in the process. Luckily, Bob & Brian where able to get it back up without any damage for our final run to the finish.  All in all, we easily lost 3 three minutes or so in the two episodes.

Link to Race 1 chart
Link to Race 2 chart

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