Saturday, July 17, 2010

SeTherin - First in Class

Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Race 1
Winds: WSW (255), avg 9 kts, gusts 14, lulls 3
Weather: Hazy, Temp 85 F; Current: flood - North Hill 1015
Start/Finish: just West of Horseshoe
Course: s/f–WM–LM-s/f *2; Distance: 5.8 nm
Shrouds: +2,+3,+2

We motored out on the flood in little wind; already sweating, and lathered up with sun-block in hopes that the afternoon heat would produce a better breeze than forecast.

The RC positioned west of Horseshoe, as the non-spinnaker RC setup in the traditional Mudhead starting area east of the reef.  Following a slight delay re-positioning the line for the wind, the race got underway at 11:10.   I elected to start on port from the pin and duck boats as necessary to insure a clear lane when tacking back to starboard. 

This worked well and we seemed hold our own all the way the windward mark, with our competition exiting as we approached on port.  The approach was mistakenly close, with too little time on the layline resulting in a late set after the rounding. 

A jibe shortly after the set took us shoreward clear of the rhumbline parade and maybe into less adverse current once we jibed back to starboard.  We chose the left gate as it was the closest and there appeared to be more pressure on the upwind right side of the course than offshore to the left.  After a smooth douse & rounding, we made our second mistake by not recognizing a header as soon as we should have.  Our second rounding of the windward mark was tight again yet we were all prepared this time with a good set and subsequent jibe for shore.  Shortly after the jibe back to starboard the wind dropped from what had been a good ten knots down to 7 & 8 nearly the remainder of the run.  

Race 2
Winds: WSW (255), avg 8 kts, 3-12 kts, gusts 14, lulls 3
Weather: Hazy, Temp 85 F;
Current: flood - North Hill 1015
Start/Finish: just West of Horseshoe
Course: s/f–WM–LM-s/f *2; Distance: 5.8 nm
Shrouds: +3,+4,+3

After a forty minute break for lunch, racing commenced again with a new breeze filling in from southwest.  Brian cinched up the shrouds as we thought it may build into the low to mid-teens. With no change in wind direction, we chose the same strategy as in the first race. (And in retrospect, would have faired better leaving the shrouds as they were.)

At the start, I approached again on port against the starboard fleet. As the wind went light short of the pin, and with the current pushing,  we kissed it.  A not so pretty 360 in the lee of the fleet got us going again. Finally settling down on port in clear air we found ourselves in better position than expected. 

The starboard tacks offshore were rougher requiring a bit looser trim and more cunny on the genoa and car back; than the ports paralleling the shore.  Our first round was again tight, though the chute was up without delay, and we again jibed for shore.

It became obvious the fickle wind had returned and we extended shoreward to near Vixen on both downwinds.  I carried her higher than target in the chop and higher yet in the many (inconsiderate) powerboat wakes, in the occasional smooth spots dropping down to target (averaging 166 TWA).  The last run was the worst; as the wind fluctuated between four to eight knots. 

I felt we did better in the first race than the second, when actually we corrected to 2nd in first & to 1st place in the last races for a first overall.  

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Link to Race 1 chart
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Greg's Report

Thanks to all the folks that chipped in to assist the SeTherin crew in supporting Hospice!