Date: 07/27/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 6.4 Weather: SE @ 4 to 5, 6-7 Current: ebb 1346 Ram
Course: X-IR-NH-V-IR (s) Crew: Dave Costanzo, Seth & RW

MRMSA Volvo Leukemia Cup

Course: windward to Intrepid Rock, - North Hill R"2" - Vixen - finish at Intrepid Rk


After a half hour postponement for wind, the RC started the race five minutes past 12. After crossing the line at the up current port end of the line, with Seth again steering for the start, we stayed low and ducked in and out of the current along Groton Long Point.

Noticing more wind offshore, Irish Lady tacked out into the channel off Groton Long Point a beat the fleet to Intrepid, with Orion not far behind. I felt we would have needed significantly more wind for a similar move to pay for us.

Nearing the Mystic River and significantly over standing Intrepid, we finally tacked out across the current, soon finding we should have hung on for a few more minutes. With Dave rolling the boat, now & then skirting the genoa when the wind occasionally rose above six kts, our tacks were very smooth. The frequent and extreme chop produced by numerous inconsiderate power boaters bringing us to a complete stop nearly rattled the helmsman.  Set west by the current, it took a four minute hitch back to starboard to get us clear of Intrepid, with Silver Lining rounding slightly ahead..

After a series of six tacks through the Dumplings, we finally rounded North Hill, Seth set the whisker to port, and it was time for lunch. With crew on the foredeck, mast racked forward, current near slack yet still in flood we favored right of the rhumb line and held our own with the fleet, overtook Silver Lining and gained a bit on Irish Lady and Orion.

Nearing Vixen, with the wind now just forward of abeam, we discarded the pole to reach the last few yards, jibed around the mark then fell off bit to avoid the swarming spinnaker fleet awaiting their next start just east of Vixen. Now on a close reach, a few of the larger boats overtook us. However, with the assistance of the ebb, a seven-knot breeze, there was no great concern over maintaining our handicap; we had a delightful sail to the finish. Many thanks to Dave and Seth for a great day, and to Dave's wife, Suzette, who able to join us for the evening festivities. 

Many thanks, to all of you for your support. Due to our combined efforts, we were able to contribute $430 to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

There were nine boats in our class "Cruising Canvas 2", and seven in the faster "Cruising Canvas 1". We were first in class on corrected time, and though the result are not yet posted on the web site & fourth overall in Cruising Canvas Combined.

1-SeTherin, Catalina 22
2-Orion, Hunter 35
3-Irish Lady, Ranger 26