Date: 08/24/2002
Weather: Wind 0-7 kts Current: ebb 1245 Ram
Course: Modified Gold Cup, W-J-L-W-L finish; Distance:5.0
Crew: Kim, Cindy, Seth & RW

Our class started at 1310, after an hour & a half delay waiting for the wind to decided which direction it was going to blow from if at all.  With Seth again steering for the start we favored the pin end for (risking more

current) windward of the fleet in clear air for a swap to port tack towards shore for current relief. (In retrospect, the current may not have developed well enough to require such a move this early. Seth just squeaked us by the stack-boat then we swapped to port. Noticing a lull as we neared shore, we tacked back to starboard in a bit of a lift near shore.

In very little wind, we rounded the windward mark adjacent to Vixen, and Seth poled the genoa out to starboard as Kim managed the sheets.  Anticipating being swept down, I held a high course for the jibe mark maintaining a range on South Dumpling.  Orion did get swept into the mark, and took their 360 penalty turn directly after. Irish Lady was swept down and also had to drop her pole and reach up to round, as we reach the mark.  As we jibed the pole, we temporarily poled out to port to clear the mark and Irish Lady prior to setting up for a reach to the leeward mark.

I have to take credit for the leeward mark fiasco. Orion had rounded, yet was making no headway. Nearing the mark, I verbalized my plan to take his stern with the intention of work our way clear of the traffic prior to tacking. Why I changed my mind, I don't know, but I turned up inside and we got tied up in traffic for good while.

The wind clocking to the north made for a fetch to the windward mark & likewise for the return to the finish with the ebb.

Thanks to Kim, Cindy and Seth for all the hard work and god company.

1 SeTherin   Catalina 22,  293   107.78    83.66
2 Irish Lady   Ranger 26,   217   100.21    86.26
3 Pisces III    Paceship 26, 233   103.55    87.14
4 Starchaser Tartan 41,    175     95.67    87.64
5 Patriot       Baltic 39,     128     89.04    87.87
6 Orion        Hunter 35,   171    102.32   94.30
7 Blue Light   Cal 25,     245   115.92  95.93