Fishers Island - 09/04/99
Course – clockwise
Crew: Scott Palmer, Bob & RW
Flood: Napatree 1220, factor 2.7f
Wind: East

Up all night flying, no sleep at all.
Good start but screwed the pooch by tacking back towards Fishers’ north shore too soon (the second tack in for the better part of a 5 minute loss).  We should have stayed out a bit longer for the last of the ebb, but instead suffered from the new flood along the shore sooner that we would have.   The wind went light and we would have eventually had to take a few tacks to gain C7, just did it too soon.  By the time we rounded C7 we were trailing badly. 
 Two and a half hours later with the wind dying, we had a difficult time rounding the bell at North Hill against the current and got swept toward North Dumpling.
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Fishers Island - 09/05/98
Crew: Scott Palmer, Bob & RW
Wind: NW/W/SW 10-15
Ebb: 1049 Race Point, 1039 Napatree, factor 3.8e

Good start at 1050. **    Beat to NH
Broad reach to Race Point
Got killed at C7 in the ebb.  Lost a ½+ hour.  Beat to north of Latimer & power reach to finish.

Fishers Island – 08/30/97
Crew: Tom Barclay, Bob, Seth & RW
Ebb: 0956 Race Point, Napatree 0946, factor 3.0e
Wind: SW 6, 8 to 6, 10-12

 Following the start we sailed west of NH on port a good 1/2 mile for more current (ebb) to Race Point and to avoid the ebb along NH’s west shore.  Fought a full ebb on the north shore return to West Harbor.
5th / 8 in class

Fishers Island - 08/31/96
Crew: Paul, Bob & RW
Ebb:  1323 Race Point, 1313 Napatree, factor 4.0e
Wind: 230 at start, less than 6 kts,
less than 4 kts down the backside
200 & 10 to 12 at the finish
Clear 85 degrees

Drifter to North Hill and a slow beat to Race Point.  The drifter continued on the backside then morphed into a slow spinnaker reach.   At Lords the wind picked up for nice sail to the finish.

Fishers Island Race - 09/02/95
Course – clockwise
Flood: began Napatree 1039, factor 2.7f
Crew: Bob & RW
Non-spinnaker Class

Flooding at the start, wind northeast, eight kts. Forty seconds late for the start.  Port favored , hugged the north shore to Lords.  Wind dropped to six knots, and changed to the drifter at the MOA.  After about 30 minutes, a southeast breeze filled in for a strong port beam reach down the backside of the island.  We then had a starboard beam reach up the west shore and switched to the genoa short of North Hill for the beat to the finish.
3rd out of eleven boats. Elapsed Time: 270 minutes

Fishers Island Race - 09/03/94
Wind: SW, avg 6 to 8 kts

7th out of 10 in class

Madcap          180.46
Raindancer     186.55
Blarney           187.49
Growltiger      188.93
Spirit               189.70
Second Wind  212.30
SeTherin         222.25
Halcyon          231.48
Jay V               DNF
Marietta         DNF   

Fishers Island Race - 09/04/93
Wind: SW, avg 6
Start: 1042, Lord's MOA 1330, Finish West Harbor 1742

We finished, but were scored as a DNF, as teh RC was no longer on station.

Blarney             121     291.48     261.23
Raindancer         72     293.65     275.65
RunawayBunny 102    306.13     280.81
Cat's Cradle      192    329.75     281.75
Kachina             192    336.37     288.37
SeTherin            287    DNF
Folly                   156    DNF
Shadow              108    DNF
Vignette             240?  DNF
Jay V                   179   DNF
Halcyon               192  DNF