Fishers Island Y.C. Around F.I. Race
flood 1108 Napatree
Course: Clockwise Distance: 15.0
Weather: E 18-20, G25 FI
Crew: Jeff Lamothe, Seth & RW

While motoring over to Fishers Island a bit before nine below a low overcast, it appeared the forecast of a blustery day was going to hold true. So we began to gear up for heavy-duty winds as best we could, frictioned down the keel, rigged the first reef, jacklines bow to stern, secured all loose items as best we could, stowed the genoa and hanked on the twenty-two year-old lapper.  All three of us donned our SOS Suspender PFD's. Last time I used the lapper was a Thames YC race Scott Boss and I did back in 'September of '95.  There were about 13 boats in our class.

Jeff ended up as the designated breakwater forward on the rail.  Conditions at the start were similar to this past Wednesday night with an approximate 5-knot higher average wind.  Hardest day on the water I've had in a long time. I'm sure Jeff & Seth feel the same. We would have benefited with one more for the rail.

We started with a first reef and the lapper (approximately a 110 with a short luff), the jib that came with the boat (April 1980). From the start we immediately went north out past the green can toward the Mystic River, and then did a number of tacks down the Sound, thinking to ride the last of the ebb. Don't know if it helped or not; the port tacks were brutal.  I noticed the flood began to take effect somewhere around Latimers. So maybe we should have stayed in?

After rounding Lord's MOA, we put up the genoa and shook out the reef, taking our time for safety, Seth using the harness on the foredeck.  I wondered if the we would get a better current push and more wind by going farther out, but took the middle road up the backside, with an occasional surf up to eight knots. We did a port w&w the first half, finished the leg on starboard, put the reef back in prior to rounding Race Point, but kept the genoa on to the finish.  Going up the west shore of Fishers, I often thought of taking out the reef, but thought better of it with the next gust; with another on the rail we certainly could have. We corrected to third and Petrel won, not sure but I think Hot Fudge was second.  I was content just to have finished with no damage or injuries. 

Eighty-nine boats started, seventy-two finished. We got the first place Island Cup Non-spinnaker Award for the best out of all three Island Races: Ram, Mason & Fishers.  About time for a new lapper!?

After the motor home, Jeff, Seth & I wound down a bit more with a couple drinks at the Seahorse. Now two days later my shoulder is talking to me.

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   Yacht            Type           PHRF    Elapsed   Corrected

1  Petrel            Luders 30    213      179.06    155.03 
2  Hot Fudge     Sadler 34     184      172.39    155.77
3  SeTherin       Catalina 22   293      205.29    159.35
4  Starchaser     Hunter 34    172      179.88    165.53
5  MastTransit    J-27            145      175.47    168.45
6  Blind Date      Sabre 38 II  134      172.64    168.70
7  Magic III        Catalina 36   163      181.88    169.72
Orion            Hunter 36    171      191.70    176.68 
9  Sonja           CapeDory27  257     228.76     186.24
10 Irish Lady     Ranger 26    216      227.50     196.12
11 Chewaba     Chance 32    156      DNF
12 Puffin          Aloha 32      181      DNF
13 Halcyon       Nonsuch 30  192      DNF
14 Tern Royale Tartan 30     196      DNS
15 Shoshin       Contest 29              DNS