Date: 06/29/2003 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 8.0 Weather: Clear skies, Wind: SW 8-10 Current: ebb 1130 @ RI
Course: V-N-V-N-V, port roundings Crew: Bob- foredeck, Kim -mid, Seth -aft, RW -helm

Shennecossett Yacht Club - Pine Island Race 

Sunday, Start: 1315 hours.


Sunday was our first weekend race of the season. This year we have decided to race spinnaker, which will be a much more competitive class (less chance of placing in the money) but will give us a greater understanding of the spinnaker. The course was two laps from Vixen to North Hill and back, 8 nm total.  After an hour's delay, we had a nice 8 kt breeze out of the south (starboard favored) for our Class 3 start at 1315. Seth started us off nicely down the line in clear air, tacking to port at the first opportunity, for more air and favorable current lift. Out in the channel we set up a long hitch on starboard with the current. Three more pairs of tacks got us around North Hill for a smooth jibe set and a broadreach for Vixen. It was all boatspeed- Bob on the sheet, Seth on the pole and Kim managing the balance. Neither downwind leg offered any tactical opportunities.   Other than the roundings, no jibes were required.


With Bob on the foredeck, & Kim & Seth stuffing, we rounded Vixen with a leeward douse behind the genoa (prep for another jibe set). A quick clean up and we were off on another beat to North Hill.  Finding the wind clocked a few degrees, we tacked to starboard shortly after the rounding, missing out on the current benefit farther out. Another good jibe set following North Hill got us on the last downwind leg an near replay of the first.  Following the finish, Kim took us back to Noank beam reaching in over five knots.


I don't have the numbers, but we corrected over the scratch boat, Pursuit by one second for fourth place. Thanks, to Bob, Kim and Seth for a great day on the water. 


Congratulations to George & Joannie Carlson (Winds Free) for a third place in non-spinnaker with their new boat, a Pearson 30. The three of us had just brought it down from Marion, MA on Friday.


1-Salud                     Pearson 30       Sarges      174

2-Checkered Demon Holland Custom O'Connell  161

3-Legacy III                C&C 34             Read         147

4-SeTherin                Catalina 22        Magner     273

5-Pursuit                    S2 9.1              Marron      135

6-Aquillo                    J-28                  Noack       167