ECSA Results

I would especially l like express my appreciation and graditude to our support crew in their efforts to help raise money for Southeastern Connecticut Hospice.

Crew: Seth, Megan, Bob & RW
Winds: SW at 8 to 16 kts
Current: flood - North Hill 1410
Start time: 1100 & 1325
Start/Finish: between GLP & Horseshoe
Course: s/f-DM-s/f, Distance:  5.6 & 8 nm
Shrouds: Base +3, +5, +3

The first race was a two lapper to a drop mark 1.4 nm southwest at 265 degrees.  As Class 4, we were the fourth to start following the faster Classes 1 thru 3.  The Shields were Class 5, next came the Ensigns on the same course but with a windward mark set at 1.0 nm.

Starting in a cool steady 12 knots, rather than get swallowed in the starboard parade, I elected to port from near the pin, even if it meant ducking most if not all of the fleet.   Just prior the gun, the knotmeter quit a distraction we did our best to ignore.   Once we were well clear of the line, and up to speed Seth was able to clear it with a few sweeps of the kelp stick.  We seemed to be doing quite well against the larger faster boats paralleling us well to windward, so consolidated on starboard till clear for all sterns.  On starboard and in spite of the ebb the waves and chop were significant for our small boat.  Once we tacked back to port for a long port towards the layline, the seas were much more tolerable.  We had a good set and a great run downwind in a fraction of the time spent on the beat.   The wind direction appeared steady yet stronger on the south side of the course so we opted for the starboard leeward gate and extended to near the port layline, followed by a more comfortable long port to near the final layline at the mark and another fast run to the finish.  As usual we were the last boat to finish yet corrected to a 2nd place.

Another full day on the water Sunday….  SeTherin left the slip at 0830, pulled back in at 1910 hours. We made the trip over to Niantic in one & a-half hours with assistance of the flood- boat speed average five kts with six over the ground.   This was our first visit to Niantic Bay and for the most part, we were pleased with the racing in spite of our lack luster showing, due in part to a floating windward mark, causing the first race (only one race was planned initially) to be thrown out.


Crew: Brian, Megan, Seth & RW
Current: flood - 0909 North Hill
Winds: SE (160 avg) avg 3.5 kts
Start: 1105 hrs,  ¼ m south of Seaflower;
Finish: NE of Horseshoe; 1424
Course: s- DM -f, 2 laps, Distance: 4.9 nm
Shrouds: @ base

Not the best of turn outs, eleven boats and only two in our class, Salud and SeTherin.  In an effort to establish a square windward/leeward course, the RC moved the start line south of Seaflower. Unfortunately, this was nearly in the middle of the southwest channel and a cooking flood.  

A couple minutes prior to the start the wind dropped from 6-8 kt range to less than six.  We were reaching along the on port at the gun with Salud on our windward hip, and continued up to nearly abeam of the committee boat prior to tacking, with Salud tacking with us.  Initially following the tack and able to accelerate sooner, we were able to sail up on Salud’s starboard quarter. Though eventually, Salud began to out-point us. She just made the pin, and we began a series of tacks paralleling the line with not enough air to point up and cross it, and forced farther and farther from the line on each subsequent tack.

Crew – Brian, Bob, Seth & RW
Winds: W-SW 6 to 17 kts, 12.2 kt avg.
Current: flood – North Hill 1049
Weather – clear & sunny, beautiful day
Start time 1315 our class
Start/Finish: offshore of Vixen
Course: s/f-Thames River entrance R”2”- Silver Eel – Intrepid – s/f
Distance 8.7 nm
Shrouds: +3, +5, +2

The folks at Thames YC decided on Saturday to postpone the start two hours in the wake of Tropical Storm Hannah, a wise decision.  The outcome was an outstanding day of sailing. Our class was fourth to start following two non-spinnakers and the Ensigns. We had a great midline-start at speed in 10 to 12 knots, though within a minute the tiller-extension came off, creating some excitement for a moment or two. A number of boats to starboard of us peeled off on port for clear air while we continued offshore for current; then tacked short of the port layline for the river.

Fishers Island "Around the Island Regatta"
Crew – Brian, Bob, Seth & RW
Winds: NE to SE at 3 to 6 kts
Current: ebb – North Hill 1049, Race Point 1104
Weather – low over cast, occasional light shower
Start time 1105 our class
Start: West Harbor, Finish: Lords MOA
Course: Fishers Island (ccw) – shortened at Lords Passage
Distance 9.85 nm
Shrouds: @ base 

The ebb had just begun as our class (7th to start) beam-reached across the line in a whispering zephyr out of the northeast, all boats struggling to fly their spinnakers.  After experimenting with spinnaker & poling out the genoa wing&wing, we finally got the spinnaker working and reached up between Flat Hammock and South Dumpling, the only boat to take this route.  It worked out well for us, as we arrived at the North Hill bell at noon (wind 4 to 5 kts), on Brer Rabbit, Salud & Euphora’s heels, and ahead of Rusty Nail, Jolly Mon & Street Machine.

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