ECSA Results

Sunday, 06/04/11
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: SSW, avg 7 kts; increased to high teens 100 yards short of finish
Current: flooding, ebb - North Hill 1307
Start/Finish: offshore of Vixen
Elapsed Time: 208 minutes
Course: s/f(Vixen)-Rapid Rk-NorthHill-DM(V)-SL-s/f(Vixen); Distance: 13.5 nm
Shrouds: +4,+5,+4

Gene Fiese & RC chose a great course. We elected to start on port near the pin knowing the likelihood of ducking some sterns, as port was favored and the pin got us farther offshore with the possible advantage of clearing Black Ledge without tacking.

Five minutes into the race, we were in the lead momentarily as the rest had all extended out on starboard prior to tacking, and it looked like we would clear Black Ledge. It was just brisk enough for all of us to be up to the high side hiking a bit and feeling good as our competition egan to creep up to windward, Watercolors on our beam, when suddenly the wind quit. The boat straightened up and heeled over to windward and all three crew got wet. Fortunately, the lull lasted only a minute or so and we were again back in the hunt. These extreme velocity changes along with erratic changes in direction were the theme of the day.

Sunday, 09/12/10
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: ENE to E, avg 14 kts, gusts low 20’s, 24 max, lulls 8
Weather: overcast; Temp 53 F, Baro 30.11 to 30.07
Current: flooding, ebb - North Hill 1407
Start/Finish: offshore of Vixen
Start time: 1120; Finish: 1428
Elapsed Time: 187 minutes
Course: s/f-IR-SE-SL-IR-s/f; Distance: 14.25 nm
Shrouds: +5,+7,+4


The RC setup a half-mile south of Vixen where the flood was quite strong, yet positioned for a well for an upwind to Intrepid Rock, 2.2 nm east. We were in Class II, starting fifth at 1120.  Fortunately the cooler wind, 12 kts feeling more like 14, was with the tide.

Electing to start near the RC as possible, we were on the line at the gun with Rusty Nail & Plain Vanilla to our starboard, Wunder Dog, Salud and the rest of the class down the line towards the pin. We took a short tack of Rusty Nail & Plain Vanilla’s sterns for a clear lane, to position for the longest tack possible to the beach. As a result, we appeared to be lifted somewhat compared to the boats ahead of us. Four tacks along the shore, including a starboard north of Horseshoe (which helped immensely) and another ducking into the beach at Groton Long Beach took us to Intrepid  (specifically avoiding a starboard offshore near IR against the current).

A Rough, Sad Day...


Saturday, 09/04/10
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: WSW, avg 22 kts, gusts high 20’s, 33 max, lulls 10
Weather: Clear & Sunny, Temp 78 F, Baro 29.58
Current: ebbing, flood - North Hill 1410
Start/Finish: West Harbor entrance
Start time: 1155; Finish: 1439
Elapsed Time: 164 minutes
Course: Course #4, s/f-(C5)-(N2W)-(N16)-Vixen (N28)-Silver Eel (R2)-NH(R2)-s/f;
Distance: 13.0 nm
Shrouds: +5,+7,+4

Arriving at Fishers after a wet motor over from Noank with hour & a half till our class start, we decided to anchor in the lee of Flat Hammock. Resting there quite comfortable, we listened to radio traffic between the RC & boats checking in/withdrawing and the chase-boat assessing the conditions on the backside of the island. They were starting in 10-minute intervals and we were to be the fifth class to go. Once it became evident an inside course & a downwind start were in the offing, we decided at 1125 to check in and began preparing the boat. If it were an upwind start, I would have declined or flood against this wind probably not have ventured out.

 65th Ram Island YC 'Around the Island Regatta'
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: ESE 13 kts, gusts high teens 
Weather: Overcast, mist/drizzle, occasional showers, Temp 69 F
Current: ebb - North Hill 0955, 1020 Race Point
Start time: 1040
Start/Finish: Groton Long Point / Ram Island 
Course: counter-clockwise Fishers Island; Distance: approximately 14.5 nm 
Shrouds: +4,+5,+4; #1 Heavy Genoa

While motoring out in the rain, we monitored over the VHF, the RC’s announcement of Course 2 for the PHRF fleet. In assessing the conditions, we pointed the bow numerous times at Race Point to find the TWA averaging between 130 & 140 degrees on port, substantiating our hunch for starting with the spinnaker ‘reacher’ and an offshore course to Race Point.

We had an excellent start near the committee boat with most of the fleet down at the pin. Checkered Demon nearer the boat was over early and peeled around the front for a re-start. As we headed out for a point roughly halfway between North Hill & Seaflower, it seemed the faster spinnaker classes (that had started earlier now approaching or abeam NH) were slowed by the current flowing north along Fishers west shore.  With my back to the island, concentrating on steering, I could not see what was going on with the rest of the boats in our class. Seth said Abrabesque put their chute up shortly after the start, then the rest of the class begining with Plain Vanilla started popping theirs in the vicinity of North Hill, though they may not have benefited as much from the wind that close to shore.

Saturday - 08/14/10
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: SE, avg 4.2 kts, peak 6.5 kts
Weather: Clear, Temp 85 F
Current: flood – 0832 Ram Island
Start time: 1059, finish 1500
Start/Finish: just SE of Stonington Harbor
Course: s/f–G3-N-I–R-s/f; Distance: 11.2 nm
Shrouds: Base

Crossing line (in 3 kts of wind) next to the RC boat at the gun uncontested, with most of the class down near the pin, I later realized (if not less current there) their course to windward took them into the shelter of the breakwater sooner than ours.    We were neck and neck with Salud to the breakwater, where they abeam our windward pulled ahead. 

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