ECSA Results

Crew: Brian, Monica & RW
Winds: SW at 7 kts, Baro 29.82" Temp 84F
Weather: clear,
Current: ebb - 0902 North Hill, ebb all day
Start/Finish:  Vixen Starting Area
Course: s/f–Y–E–V–R–s/f; Distance: 9 nm
Shrouds: +0,+1,+1

We had a reasonable start on starboard then tacked to port at first opportunity towards Pine Island to work out on starboard along Black Ledge. I felt encouraged by our beat to the windward mark when caught and passed a couple of the trailing Ensigns.

On the spinnaker reach down toward Silver Eel we passed another Ensign.  Out ahead I saw the two leading Ensigns (Bonanza & ) had dropped their spinnakers and were beating into the mark. All our competition had already jibed around the mark and escaped  prior to the wind change.

Crew: Seth, Bob & RW
Spinnaker Class
Winds: SW at 10 kts
Weather: clear, Baro: 29.94, 78 F
Current: flood - 0925,ebb - 1446 North Hill
Start/Finish: GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–DM–L-DM-s/f
WMK Bearing 235 at 1.5, Course Dist: 9.0 nm
Shrouds: +1,+3,+2

This is the second year for this event, Sails Up 4 Cancer, and the entries are still on small side. There were only three classes, Non-spinnaker, Spinnaker & Ensign.  I was not able to make the skippers' meeting Saturday night, and the RC did not have the race instructions nor scratch sheet available. So we had to piece together the race particulars.


A few minutes prior to the start, they did start handing out the RI's, sans SS's.
We started near the committee boat windward of the big boats, though had to tack to port for clear air anyhow. I thought the beat to the windward mark went fairly well.  We positioned ourselves starboard layline just long enough for Bob and Seth to set up for the launch.

64th Commodore's Trophy Race - 09/11/2011

Current: ebb – 1036 North Hill
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW
Winds: ESE, avg 10 kts, gusts 18, lulls 4
Weather: sunny, occasional clouds

Start/Finish: just south of Vixen

Start time: 1115; Finish: 1426; ET: 191 minutes
Course: s/f-IR-SE-CR-V-IR-s/f; Distance: Distance – 14.4 nm
Shrouds: Base - +4, +7, +3.5; dropped to +3, +6, +3 on last windward leg


Again as in years past, our class start followed the Ensigns by five minutes. Following a clean start (in the upper third of line) at the gun, we continued on starboard towards the shore. Short of Bluff Point, a tack to port took us across Gnat’s stern. We then continued offshore anticipating a more favorable current in the deeper water; and mistakenly overstood just a bit for our starboard into Intrepid, requiring us to bear off slightly. Closing on Intrepid, I noticed Arabesque, Ursa Minor, Plain Vanilla & Gnat had pulled farther ahead than I had anticipated, causing me to think there may have been more wind nearer their shore route. 




55th Annual Round Island Race - 09/03/11
Crew: Brian, Jeff & RW
Course: Counter- Clockwise around Fishers
Current: flood - 1000 Race Point
Wind: SW 8 kts avg, peak gust 16

On the leg to North Hill, I found it difficult to maintain a clear lane in the light air, traffic and the chop from the flood along the island.  Once around North Hill, we continued out a ways as there appeared to be little wind along the shore and stayed out the whole length of the western shore which appeared to be a good choice.  It may have paid off to work in a little closer south of Silver Eel, though we chose not to.

Saturday - 08/14/10
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: SE, avg 4.2 kts, peak 6.5 kts
Weather: Clear, Temp 85 F
Current: flood – 0832 Ram Island
Start time: 1059, finish 1500
Start/Finish: just SE of Stonington Harbor
Course: s/f–G3-N-I–R-s/f; Distance: 11.2 nm
Shrouds: Base

Crossing line (in 3 kts of wind) next to the RC boat at the gun uncontested, with most of the class down near the pin, I later realized (if not less current there) their course to windward took them into the shelter of the breakwater sooner than ours.    We were neck and neck with Salud to the breakwater, where they abeam our windward pulled ahead. 

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